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An Abundance Hack for Having More

I hate the word hack. Let’s call this an abundance top tip: Panache’s top tip for abundance. 

What we have to do is wake up from the illusion of scarcity. I don’t want you to live at any level of scarcity. 

I began to notice that there are certain individuals that have this habit of carrying money around with them everywhere that they go. I thought this was weird at first, why carry money around everywhere you go when in today’s world you just need a credit card or debit card? 

And then I got it. They are carrying cash around as a physical reminder of the abundance they have access to. You don’t have the same relationship with your credit or debit card. So, I would like you to try it for three months. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money. It just needs to be money so that whenever you question abundance, or you question your right to earn and your right to live, you can look at it and be reminded of money, of the abundance you have access to. That way anytime you feel there is a need for money or for remembering abundance you can look at it and with the energy use it like a financial comfort blanket. 

There are certain people that take this to extremes. Floyd Mayweather carries a backpack full of $100 bills everywhere he goes. I am not asking you to do this. Nor am I asking you to drive your net worth around or to get blinged out, iced out chains where your net worth is around your neck. Just make sure you have whatever a good amount of cash is on you and with you so that every time you have this narrative that there’s not enough money in the world, or how am I going to pay my bills, you have it. You have the energy of it. 

I want you to try this. It has made such a huge difference for so many in our community, to be able to access physical, tangible cash, and to look at it and have it override all of the generational inherited frameworks around money and abundance that they have received. 

In a digital world, it’s sometimes good to be analog. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.