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An Invitation To More Love

I’ve had to go through some pretty interesting things on a personal level in order to be who I am today. Experiences I would never have actually consciously created, things that on an egoic level I would have never signed up for. But all of these things and experiences are actually everything that I needed in order to fully wake up to be who I am today. 

I’ve discovered through the course of my own personal journey, that the acceptance of what is happening, no matter what that may be in the moment, provides me a sense of relief. And, as much as it’s provided me a sense of relief, it is providing an ever-expanding global community a sense of relief. 

There always comes a point on your journey where your comfort zone is going to be challenged, where who you are at the level of your identity, and your ego is going to be fundamentally shaken. Sometimes the Universe even holds you upside down by your ankles for a little bit and proceeds to gently rock you until all the fear falls out. In those moments, it can be uncomfortable because at the level of your identity, you don’t know how you are going to get through it, or find a place of resolution. You can’t get there because you are continually trying to figure out the issue and the problem by using the limited apparatus that is your mind. 

At some point we have to get to a place where we recognize that “I would rather defer to my heart”, and “I would allow my heart to be the chief problem solver in my experience”. I do this by first acknowledging that what I’m perceiving to be a problem is actually an invitation to more love. 

What you perceive to be a problem is actually shaking you out of your comfort zone so that you can let go of more of who you think you are, and surrender to this infinite space that lives within you, which is the truth – and it’s love. 

Give yourself the gift of a pause, the gift of relief. You don’t have to figure everything out. Your life isn’t a mystery that has to be solved. When we surrender and let go, we give ourselves the gift of relief. Allow yourself the opportunity to witness the resolution as it unfolds at the level of the heart. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living mediation.