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April SS 2016 - Panache Desai Soul Support

April Soul Support – 2016

April 2016
The Magic of Letting Go
Begins April 1st

This month’s Soul Support Program, delivers the vibrationally-encoded tools that will empower you to let go of all that keeps you trapped in a job, a relationship, addictions, expectations of others, debt, or a life that doesn’t reflect all that you know it could be. In doing so you are exponentially opening to dynamically receive a life in alignment with your most authentic self; one that is overflowing with your most bountiful desires.

Are you ready to begin receiving right now?

Springtime Gift with Purchase
With your purchase of April’s Soul Support program, Panache will gift you with SHATTERING YOUR FINANCIAL CEILING, a three-hour, all-new Online Video Course – plus its accompanying MP3 – so that you can take this life-changing teaching with you wherever you go. This combo program is valued at $99 but it’s yours as our gift, beginning April 1, with your $39 purchase of April’s Soul Support program.

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A Preview of April’s Soul Support
The earth is re-awakening and its dormant potential is being coaxed forth into the light. Spring is unwavering in her desire to support all new growth, as she infuses whatever bulbs, plants and trees lie dormant in the warming ground. Choiceless in her largess, she facilitates equally the tulips, crocuses, dogwood and azaleas. 

So too will Panache vibrationally prepare you to let go of whatever is holding you back and birth a budding trust in universal consciousness so that your dreams may gloriously bloom – in their time, not yours.

If you struggle to control outcomes, hang on to the past, or remain fixed in a life that doesn’t reflect all that you know could be yours, Panache shares the tools to help you surrender control  and vibrationally invite a fresh start to take hold. Whether you have planted the seeds of financial prosperity, vibrant health, flourishing relationships, unconditional self-love or unequalled connection, Panache’s Soul Support program expands your ability to break free from the frozen density that has kept the life of your dreams in hibernation and begin to experience the budding possibilities of wherever you place your intention.

April Soul Support Programming:
1 New 60-Minute Video Teaching:
Let Go and Create Your Fresh Start Now.
Harness the power of vibration and frequency to surrender control and unleash the secret to dynamic, limitless receiving.
     4 New 20-Minute Audio Meditation Recordings to shift the way you see yourself, add spaciousness to your life from the moment you begin listening and lay the foundation for boundless growth.
 #1 Surrendering Scarcity
#2 Planting the Seeds of Possibility
#3 Aligning with Divine Timing
#4 Being Bountiful