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April Soul Support - Loving What Is - Panache Desai

April Soul Support – 2017

Online Program
April Soul Support – 2017
Loving What Is
Begins April 1, 2017

April Soul Support is designed to guide you to live from the heart – the most sacred place there is – and experience a life filled with love, freedom and joy.

Your wild and wondrous imagination is both a blessing and a curse. You could have everything you’ve ever wanted but your mind would still find problems to focus on. It’s the nature of the ego to never be satisfied and the result is a continual state of longing for that which you don’t have. The inclination to never stop striving for more is holding you back from the peace of loving what is.

Let me ask you…

  • What happens when you love yourself exactly as you are?
  • What happens when you find gratitude and acceptance for your circumstances in this very moment?
  • What about other people? Can you find the space to love them without changing them?

Here’s what happens…

Love blossoms. Gratitude unfolds. Contentment arises and from that sprouts the freedom to fully live from the heart. When you’re connected to your heart, you’re vibrationally expanding your ability to both give and receive. You’re transforming paradigms, shifting out of illusion and into the utter magnificence that presence, acceptance and love inherently contain.

Constantly yearning for what you don’t have, for others to behave a certain way or for your circumstances to be different causes needless inner turmoil.

Release the suffering caused by resistance and open to the liberating experience of loving what is.

April Soul Support Programming:

  • One New 60-Minute Webcast The Heartfelt Revolution of Radical Acceptance
  • Four 20-Minute Audio Recording Meditations to help lay the foundation for this month’s expansion.
    • Transformation in the Here and Now
    • Deconstructing the Barriers of Discontent
    • Love is Presence Embodied
    • Loving the Journey and Letting Go of Attachment to the Destination
  • Deepening Vibrational Support Tool
  • Inspirational Mantra and Visual
  • Live 30-Minute Online Group Transcendence Session with Panache

Join me for a month of Soul Support and be empowered you to love yourself, your life and your circumstances exactly as they are.

Soul Support delivers a progressive level of divine grace that empowers you to break free of your struggles and suffering while experiencing the power of vibrational expansion to move into greater levels of self-belief and self-love. Panache offers new online programs and materials each month so that you may access the support you need when it is most convenient for you.