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Are We Hardwired For Magnificence?

“The God Gene”

If you overheard someone talking about a “Vesicular Monoamine Transporter no. 2” you’d probably think you’d been eavesdropping on NASA scientists or fans of Battlestar Galactica but what they’re really buzzing about is VMAT2, aka “The God Gene.”

”The God Gene” refers to the idea that human spirituality has an innate genetic component. It is not a gene that makes people believe in God, but the idea that humans inherit a predisposition to be spiritual and seek a higher being. Scientists have found that the gene and it’s greater potential is activated in people who have a regular meditative practice and who are faith based, have a deep love, longing and devotional relationship with God. Engaging the God gene sends the happy brain chemicals – dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine – through the body and a physical, biological response can be kindled through conscious continuous spiritual practice.

So, if this gene is indeed within us, every human being has the innate ability to know his or her soul and to live in a state of soulfulness. In other words according to these scientists, we are all biologically hardwired for magnificence.

Just entertaining the possibility of this discovery is wildly exciting. It’s an intriguing idea to ponder that science is researching something so incredible and that we may be moving closer to truly discovering our innate potential in a more tangible way.  The universe is always moving us into more and if the God gene really exists, it is an amazing piece of design by the Divine so that we may come to know ourselves as our greatness. Why wouldn’t the God gene be a part of our makeup – a part of our intrinsic design as human beings?  If all of us are hardwired to know God, and we are born with this internal GPS, imagine the peace and purpose that could be unleashed in the world.

Whether the God gene is more than just a hypothesis or not, we as a community are cultivating our own segment of spirituality – soulfulness.  We always have the ability to shine our soul’s light and luminosity, remember our potential, access a greater reality and live in the heart of possibility – no science required.