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Are You Addicted to Feeling Good Because You’re Unwilling to Feel Bad?

Beginning November 12, Panache opens the floodgates of vibrational awareness with his latest on-line series Dancing With Distraction. Take a look at this clip.

Are You Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places? Panache Desai's Dancing with Distraction OnLine Series Begins in November from Panache Desai on Vimeo.

In any given moment when we choose to be unavailable for life or what it's bringing up inside us, we seek out a distraction. Food, alcohol, sex, work, and social media all act as great diversions in our daily lives. These distractions enable us to disassociate with the uncomfortable feelings around our situation and take a mental vacation from reality. You feel you can't deal with the dilemma so you simply don't deal with it, leaving broken emotions, repressed feelings and pain in your wake.

We are perfect beings full of love and endless possibility but the question remains, Have we have become addicted to feeling good 
because we’re afraid or unwilling to feel bad? Human beings often look for happiness, comfort, and security in all the wrong places and in doing so, create one more obstacle to climb on their way toward fulfillment.

This does not have to be your solution.

In our captivating November Webcast Series, Dancing with Distraction, we'll confront our feelings around distraction and meet our perceived “demons” head on. This very special, three part transformational series includes one hour of Panache's potent vibrational teachings followed by a very powerful, 30 minute “vibrational reset” that cracks you open and allows you to vibrationally reset yourself, allowing you to make new choices and flow freely with the emotions that would normally have you running toward an addictive behavior, pattern, or habit.

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