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Are You Afraid of Fear?

What You Have In Common With Everyone

Elisabeth Kubler Ross once said, “There are only two emotions: love and fear.” While we always love the “love” part, fear too is here to stay.  There is no way to completely excise fear. It will never eerily collapse like the house from “Poltergeist,” vanishing into the ether forever.

No. It’s not going anywhere.

But we are.

When we realize that fear is part of our human journey and that everyone else is feeling it too, we can bond as fellow travellers in the experience of life.  Armed with our inner compass and the map of our soul, we can begin trusting ourselves so that fear is no longer a limiting factor. As we vibrationally move forward together, fear does not paralyze us but becomes gradually integrated into the cartography of our lives.

Fear is not a weakness. It's not a shortcoming we have to fix. It is about riding the wave of emotion as it arises. We don't need to conquer fear because conquering it implies that it's something we have to overcome.  It's normal and a part of you. What we really need to do is integrate it and utilize its potential.

Where to Begin

A way to begin that process is to turn our focus from fear to love. Instead of dwelling on the negative things that can happen, focus on the incredible gifts that this opportunity can bring. The presence of love in any fearful situation calms the waves of anxious energy and vibrationally guides you to a more peaceful frequency where you can clearly see the circumstance and the possibilities it holds for you. Fear is like gravity- an invisible force that keeps us rooted to an experience. It’s only when we let go and leap beyond the force that holds us back that we lovingly liberate our unlimited potential.

It’s okay that fear is part of our lives. Love and fear will always accompany us on our journey. If there are indeed only two emotions, we’d best embrace them both.

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