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Are You On The Road To “Having It All?”

The Feminine, The Masculine, and Divine Guidance

There are many books written on how to get ahead in business, nurture our family, and make our loving relationships work in the quest for a perfect life. There are endless how-to tomes detailing the mad scramble women and men must make to be seen as successful. We have many voices attempting to guide us through the intricate maze of everyday life, but once we silence the chatter coming from outside us, what is our inner GPS – our Glorious Perfect Spirit –telling us? Can we calm the external influences and map our own magnificent story?

What happens when the path you’re travelling is actually the road less taken? The idea of “having it all” is a relative term. What is your definition of “all”? Perhaps you’re a woman with an engaging, rewarding career and decide children are not in your future.  Or you’re a man with a fantastic family and decide to be a stay-at-home dad so you can raise your kids. Maybe you have the trifecta of partner, family and meaningful work and struggle with the intricate juggling of attempting to manage it all. (See there’s that word again!) Listening to the voices of what society, media, or family deem as acceptable life goals or gender roles does not always fit with the inner vision for your life. Owning and incorporating both your divine masculine and divine feminine into your experience can bring any situation into balance providing an unshakable foundation. And when you are anchored in the personal truth of what aligns with your heart, the life you want to live appears on the horizon.

Regardless of your gender, learning to accept and equalize both our male and female energies opens the vibrational floodgates of expansion and allows life to flow with ease. The cultural concept of “having it all” is really someone else’s version of happiness. Other people’s opinions and judgments are meaningless when we have the courage to stand in our divine truth. When we effectively recognize the potent and meaningful virtues of our divine essences, we can freely exercise those qualities in our daily lives, ceasing the turmoil and confusion and nurturing a fulfilled life not based on what we want others to see but of our soul’s own making.

Trust your internal GPS. It will guide you to exactly where you need to be. You won’t worry about “having it all” because you’ll already have all you need.

In this powerful webcast series Sacred Union of the Sexes, Panache’s vibrational attunements enable you to examine where the natural imbalances occur in your life, shift your vibrational energy toward the elements that are truly important, and recalibrate your internal GPS –“Glorious Perfect Spirit”- toward your perfect, personal version of life.