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Are You Present In Your Life?

How To Banish Busyness, Stop Stressing, And Start Living

Your kids have piano, soccer, football, tutoring. You’re working 45 hours (and then some) a week. Your friends want you at their dinner party. You’re chairing a charity function. You’re now caring for your parents, managing doctors’ appointments and finances. The car needs repair. And, by the way, taxes are due.

Everywhere we turn, we hear that it’s time to unplug, take a breather, and chill out. We may even take that advice. But vacations seem to fly by, “me time” falls by the wayside, and our attempts to meditate, pray or practice stillness go right out the window. We’re always “putting out fires” or ”totally swamped,” We think we can make success, love, even happiness happen. But are you willing to consider that it may be our busyness that’s keeping us from real joy and peace?

Are you caught in the frenetic spin cycle of doing? Constantly anxious, physically exhausted, emotionally depleted? Is your hectic schedule hindering your job performance, your children, your love life, your friendships or most importantly your own personal health and well-being?

If so, you need to ask yourself, “Do I feel present in my own life?”

Chronic busyness can take a serious toll on us. When we’re over scheduled we think it’s our job to control or force events instead of letting things unfold with grace. We treat other people as if they’re simply check marks on a to do list. And most importantly, we become detached from our divine selves.

Our addiction to busyness actually stems from fear. We’re afraid we’ll miss out on something, be thought of as unproductive, selfish, lazy, a bad parent, not good enough or, in a world that’s more connected than ever, ironically disconnected and left behind. We’re afraid of how others will perceive us or, in our stillness, be forced to confront our regret, guilt and shame.

Here’s the truth… we may remain perpetually on the go to avoid our feelings of unworthiness. If we keep ourselves incredibly busy with the little stuff, we can put off thinking about our marital troubles, our child’s failing grades, or the high stakes work project looming on the horizon. Our busyness gives us an excuse to avoid showing up fully in any situation and escape the responsibility of being our authentic selves living our soul signature.

The Divine dwells in every single part of your experience – even your busyness. You have access to everything you need in each moment. Stop the running, the scrambling and the worry. Just breathe. Take time to be in the present moment each and every day. Even mundane tasks can be performed with mindfulness. Cook dinner with presence. Change the litter box with presence. Fill your gas tank with presence. As little as 3 minutes of silence a day can consciously anchor you and restore your state of connection with yourself. When you allow space for soulfulness, you are present in every moment and make your life a living meditation.

Let go, be present, and let your beautiful life flow. There’s no rush. You’ve got all time in the world.