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Soul Support: August 2016

August Soul Support – 2016

August Soul Support
Begins August 1

Every challenge, every setback and every mistake has created within you an energetic imprint. In fact, everything that you perceive as negative, wrong or bad about your life permanently scars you. How you perceive these scars defines how expansively you are empowered to live. 

This month, through the process of vibrational transformation, you will come to recognize the role that these scars have played in your greater evolution. You’ll witness without judgement how your scars have facilitated a greater depth of love and connection that wasn’t accessible to you before. 

You are not a victim.

Your perceived brokenness has birthed a profound level of empathy and compassion for yourself and others.  

Through a conscious surrender to all that has occurred in your life, learn how to access love and acceptance and recognize the role your scars have played in your greater awakening.  

August Soul Support Programming:

  • 1 New 60-Minute Webcast Transcending Brokenness; Pain is an Evolutionary Catalyst
  • 4 New 20-Minute Audio Meditation Recordings to help you lay the foundation for this month’s expansion
  1. No Mistakes Have Been Made: All Paths Lead to Love
  2. Your Past No Longer Defines You: The Redefinition of Possibility
  3. Being With Crisis: The Blessing in the Burden
  4. The Emergence of Authentic Truth: I Am Beautiful

Soul Support 2016 delivers a progressive level of divine grace that empowers you to break free of your struggles and suffering while experiencing the power of vibrational expansion to move into greater levels of self-belief and self-love. Panache offers new online programs and materials each month so that you may access the support you need when it is most convenient for you. 

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