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Balancing Grit and Grace

Embodying Both the Masculine and the Feminine

Diamonds, Dolly, and the Divine

In her song, “Tennessee Homesick Blues,” Dolly Parton croons, “It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.”  Whether it’s business go-getters, posturing politicians, or anyone trying desperately to get ahead, the need to strive, and “man up” seems to be the default tactic for success. The vibrational energy is frenetic and the power plays lack authenticity. What if we let our true selves lead the way and learned balance, equally matching our divine masculine, “go getter” energies with the grace and compassion of our loving divine feminine side.

Maybe it’s time to reveal our brilliance instead of accepting the rhinestone status quo?

Dolly Parton herself is a true gem and the real deal. She’s the embodiment of divine feminine and divine masculine (yes, masculine) balance and the story of her career reveals it.

When Dolly first began her singing and songwriting journey, she became the “girl singer” on “The Porter Wagoner Show.”  Wagoner, an accomplished country and western artist, quickly recognized Dolly’s talent and they became a singing duo. Although he was not always the easiest person to work with, Dolly held her own against her boss Porter and stayed true to herself, her talent and her integrity. While she was grateful for all opportunities her union with Porter afforded, her solo career was unfolding and Dolly decided to leave their professional partnership and move on.  It was difficult to break the news to her longtime friend and mentor, so she chose to sing a song she wrote for him. The song was, “I Will Always Love You.”

While Wagoner let her go, he wasn’t happy about it and later decided to sue her for a percentage of all she earned during her partnership with him. Instead of fighting, Dolly decided to settle out of court for a large lump sum. Years later, Wagoner fell on hard financial times and asked Dolly if she would be interested in purchasing the rights to his music library so he could get back on his feet. She obliged. When Porter was on solid ground, he asked if he could buy his music back again. She sent him a fax saying, “You can have it all back for free. Love, Dolly”.

It is possible to be an accomplished individual with drive, determination, savvy business sense, and power and still embody compassion, honesty, softness and love. In fact without the latter, how rewarding is the former?  Elvis Presley himself wanted to record “I Will Always Love You” but only if Dolly handed over half of the publishing rights. She was flattered he wanted to record her music but politely turned him down.

When your divine masculine and divine feminine energies are in sync, you understand that the two essences work in tandem without one diminishing the other.  You know when it’s right to give a million dollars to friend and when to reject it from a king.  You embrace all facets of your diamond life and shine from every angle, vibrating love and light for all to share.  You lift your voice and embody every tone and note into a harmony only you can sing – powerful and strong, sweet and soft all at once. Your luminosity radiates, accepting every part of yourself and knowing the Divine will always love you.

Panache's engaging 4-part October webcast series, The Sacred Union of Sexes, evokes a vibrational conversation inclusive of both sexes regarding their own inherent male and female energies, rockets our vibrational frequency, and explains the vital importance of creating a beautiful synergy between the divine feminine and masculine in our lives.  In the first installment, release all the preconceived notions of who you need to be so that the powerful balance of both Divine essences can occur.

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