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Be an Observer of the Mind

One of the false frameworks we have been conditioned into believing is that you have to think, your mind is important, that it’s a transformational tool and in some way it has the ability to alter your reality. It doesn’t. It’s time we stop empowering the mind. 

Let’s start with today where we no longer care about what the mind is doing. Let us become an observer of the mind. 

We waste so much time in drama and emotion that is unnecessary. Let’s commit to being peaceful and through that commitment of being peaceful, we disengage from all of the unnecessary emotional reactivity that we once believed to be important. When you get it down to it’s essence, there is very little that is required of you every day. You still have to play your role, respond to life and engage in what you have to engage in at the moment, but it doesn’t have to be that big of a deal any more. And when it stops being a big deal, it’s like you finally get over yourself. 

We are simply just having an experience. And that experience is the cause, the effect and the finality. What this means is that when you allow yourself to align with your essence, you begin to embody and live it as your truth. Because it is the truth. 

Life is giving you your queues. When life prompts you to respond, allow the words to fall out of your mouth as the response. You’re constantly in this flow of something happening outside of you, and then if a response is required, that response will automatically arise from within you. 

I once had the experience where I was being moved. I wasn’t moving, but I was literally being moved. Everything that was happening was happening spontaneously and automatically. I wasn’t actually doing anything. 

Today, give yourself the gift of allowing your life to move you. When someone speaks to you, respond. If no one speaks to you, just be in the silence within yourself. The silence is like a pause and a symphony. The silence accentuates the music. Your life will no longer disturb your reality. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath transforms your life into a living meditation.