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Becoming Infinite Fully and Completely

This is an insight into how transformation actually unfolds in every moment. So just in case you’re not good at math, don’t panic. 

When you introduce infinity into any equation, it becomes infinite. Why is this important? Because your soul is infinite. The parts of you that’s divine. The part of you that has God, is infinite and your presence exists outside of time. It exists outside of space. And so when we begin to have moments of transcendence, and we begin to have moments of experiencing who we are beyond the identity, beyond the body and the mind, and beyond the emotions, we begin to tap into the infinite within us. Once we have that experience, even for a moment, it begins to dissolve everything inside of us until eventually everything inside of us becomes infinite as well. 

So for example, if you’ve been coming to Call to  Calm, your relationship with your emotions, your thoughts, your body, and your reality has fundamentally shifted. Why is that? Because you’re no longer perceiving or experiencing your reality from a finite perspective or viewpoint. You’re now beginning to perceive and experience your reality from an infinite viewpoint, from an infinite perspective, meaning that you’re remembering I’m not these emotions,  I’m not these thoughts. I’m not this body. What I am is this infinite continuum, this infinite expression of energy.

The reason why we experience fear is because we have forgotten that we’re infinite. We have forgotten that there’s life beyond all of this we’ve forgotten, we’ve forgotten. So that means that as we begin to cultivate this experience of presence inside of us. And as we cultivate this experience of peace inside of us, more and more, all of this other stuff begins to collapse. So once infinity is reintroduced to you or remembered inside of you, it’s only a matter of time until you become infinite fully and completely meaning that every other layer of your life, every aspect of who you are at the level of your being becomes infinite, because once infinity is introduced into any equation, it becomes infinite.

If you are  resistant, stubborn, and hardheaded, it might take a little bit, but the blessing is it doesn’t matter. The point is this, you can’t fail. You can’t mess it up and you can’t do it wrong because even 1000000000th of a second of presence is enough to open the door for this transformation to unfold.

Resting in the awareness of your breath transforms your life into a living meditation.