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Being a Conscious Conductor of Your life

Just imagine that you are a conductor of an orchestra and every instrument is playing the exact composition that you’ve asked to be played based on where you are in your energy, and in your consciousness. 

For example, when you are a beginner, or novice conductor, you’re not going to have the complete grasp of the tonality, over the rhythms, over the melodies, the composition, as you would once you are an expert conductor. 

Life is about getting the highest, most vibrant energy filled composition out of everyone in your reality. We do this by realizing that every single person in our lives is showing us what we have to feel inside of us in order to go to the next place in our own being. For example, work is showing you where you are still anxious. Relationships, as well as ex-husbands and ex-wives, are showing you where you are living in victim consciousness. Children are showing you where you feel guilty or ashamed. Your life is showing you who you are internally. 

It’s important to recognize that once you address what’s inside of you, the composition, the makeup of the orchestra around you may change, may transform.  Why?, because you are no longer holding on to the energies you were holding onto in order to keep all of these people in your life. Your reality responds to your energy, your vibration of where you are inside of you. 

When someone in your reality is playing an ‘off’ note, that is completely outside of the composition, as the conductor, you have to let that off note impact you. You have to become aware of the source of the off note. So when life is off key, it’s not that you are a bad conductor, or that the composition is fundamentally flawed. That dissonance is necessary for you in order for you to evolve. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath becomes a living meditation.