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Being A Human Being is Compassion

You came here to be a human being. This means you came here to have the experience of being human. Why? You have to ask yourself “why as this infinite consciousness have I chosen at this time to be a human being?”

When you look around, humanity has forgotten its essential nature. We’ve forgotten who and what we truly are. You are here as an act of service, love and compassion. Being a human being is compassion. You come here from infinite source energy and potential and then you forget everything because you can’t hold on to the vastness of who you are in the limitations of your human form – especially human survival. 

Being a human being is an act of compassion. But what you have forgotten is that compassion has to start with yourselves. You see, you are not compassionate with yourself, your body, or your mind. You’re not compassionate with your identity,  your emotions, your behaviors, your characteristics. You are not compassionate with you. This is the part that needs to shift. 

We don’t have to fix it. We don’t have to heal it. We don’t have to change it. We don’t have to improve it. This is just about meeting your humanity with compassion. Meeting your anger with compassion, meeting your sadness with compassion and meeting fear with compassion. We don’t have to get rid of it. 

Until we can extend compassion towards ourselves, the world will never know it. 

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