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Being Comfortable is Holding You Back

The Power of Possibility

We’ve all got our comfort zone. Whether in relationships, jobs, friendships or just ordinary daily life, we all have that place that we feel we can confidently navigate. We create this shell of safety around us to protect ourselves from our perceived discomforts – past experiences, past wounds, past disappointments. It may not be the best place for our overall growth or even happiness, but we know the territory and there are no surprises. In the comfort zone, we can remain idle and unchallenged. It’s all about us and the illusion of feeling safe.

But at some point, your life needs to become about something more than you. It needs to become about more than your story, what did happen, what could have happened or should have happened. There will come a time when you have to love yourself enough to make your life about something more than just you. If not, you’re brilliant, luminous life is sadly going to waste.

For some, the comfort zone is fear, lack and scarcity.  For others it’s maintaining the status quo or not chancing anything for fear of failure. But you were born to live a life greater than just maintaining the norm or locked in an emotional bunker. Whether you are striving, surviving or thriving, there is always more. That is the universal principle of abundance and it’s what you were born to live and demonstrate everyday of your life.

A way to start moving into more is to focus on your blessings. No matter where you are in life or how bleak things may seem, focus on what is uplifting. Be grateful for all that is wonderful – all the goodness and even the strife that has brought you to this point in your life. When you can vibrate on that level of gratitude and you’re plugged into that greater frequency of spirit and potential, your ability to receive more is powerfully ignited.

Ascension to a more expanded way of life is not a spectator sport. Participation is required. Don’t be victimized by what your experiencing. Take steps and actions that authentically move you onto a productive path so you can be in harmony and alignment with your limitless potential and fully receive all that the universe has in store for you. You have to be fully available and present for all that is unfolding and that means living outside your comfort zone – living in the unknown and not being afraid or indifferent to the true power of possibility.

You are on the precipice of something greater. Start fresh. Have the courage to break out of the comfortable shell and take that step into the life you were born to live. Walk confidently toward the unknown because where your comfort zone ends, your abundant life begins.

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