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Breaching the Chasm

Do you ever experience yourself as two different people – the roles you play for others and the authentic ever-present love that is your true identity?

There’s a chasm inside us all; a void that is best illustrated as a gulf between two mountains. One side is who you are on the level of your personality, and the other is who you are on the level of your soul. When your personality and soul are out of alignment with each other, the gulf is wide and threatens to grow ever wider.

When your soul and personality grow apart, the expanse between fills with pain and emotional density. The broader the separation, the more despair and heartbreak fill the void. Peering into the abyss may seem daunting, but if you wish to evolve into your divine potential, you must face what lives in that space.

By courageously standing in the truth of your experience, in the midst of all the scary and uncomfortable feelings that thrive in that emotional gulf, the light of awareness begins to shimmer and shine – transmuting that which once consumed you.

In order to live in peace with yourself and experience your divinity in every waking moment, you must measure the distance between your identity and your soul. The more willing you are to confront your sadness, anger, and disappointment and allow the gift of vibrational transformation to do its work inside of you, the more your personality and your soul will come into alignment.

Ultimately, there’s no way around this chasm. There’s no easy bridge to skip across. All you can do is stare into your deepest darkest valleys and embrace them. Your courage to feel connects the two sides, allowing you to experience the power of possibility. At that moment, you realize there’s nothing that you can’t do.

You can even move mountains.