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Can You “Make It” in the Real World Strutting Your Divine Feminine?

Can The World Make It If You Don't?

There is a powerful inner catalyst inside both women and men you may never have known existed…until now.

The glorious divine feminine has existed in world traditions since the beginning of time. The Goddess, Shakti, Quan Yin, Isis, Athena, Gaia, or Mother Mary all symbolize the loving, nurturing, insightful energy in all of us. Their essence is the vibrational spark of life from which all things flourish, informing all of nature and human kind. While the divine feminine is the being and brilliance that both men and women alike possess, it is also our ability to recognize, experience, and cherish our unbounded potential and our highest, most glorious selves.

Do you perceive the divine feminine as weakness? Exactly the opposite is true.

Divine feminine energy is representative of wisdom, creation, sensuality, connection, intuition, creativity, understanding, compassion, and harmony. Why wouldn’t you want it to spring forth and multiply? 

In today’s world, it may seem as though both men and women have to conceal their divine feminine energies in order to “make it” in modern day-to-day life.  They have to be tough and strong, even ruthless to get ahead, all the while repressing their softness and compassion to maintain competitive careers or to succeed at work. But productivity in the workplace, at home, or anywhere else is not the product of only one solitary divine essence but a combination of both.

We all embody both a feminine and a masculine presence.  The balance between the two forces has been out of equilibrium for centuries and in need of a complete overhaul. A loving synergy between the life forces of femininity and masculinity is the catalyst that will ignite a deeper cultural, biological, and spiritual revolution on our planet. While we may feel the need to default to our masculine energy during the hustle and bustle, your divine feminine essence shines a light that is just as powerful. It will not make you weak or ineffectual.  It is a true source of strength and love.

The ascension of our divine feminine is the birthright of us all. Her open, restorative, and forgiving nature is needed all around the globe. The time has come for us to embark on a magnificent mission to discover and celebrate these sacred, life-changing facets within ourselves and in doing so, accept our divine assignment to help heal the world.

Connect with her. Cherish her. Awaken your luminous inner goddess and spread the love.

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