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Celebrate Your Life, Chicago: Immersed in Divine Light - In-Person Event - Panache Desai

Celebrate Your Life – Chicago 2018 – Immersed in Divine Light

3-Day In-Person Event
Celebrate Your Life
Immersed in Divine Light
Chicago, Illinois
June 8 – 10, 2018
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Your journey is one of remembering your essential Self, your true nature. To accomplish that, to replace forgetfulness with remembrance, you must experience it. This is not simply a path of learning something the mind can analyze or consider. True realization is a permanent experience, and for that you must become immersed in Divine Light.

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Global Gathering Unity Rising Promo from Panache Desai on Vimeo.

Immersion is a vibrational experience where you align your energy and vibrational frequency with the Highest vibrational frequency. To be immersed in Divine Light is a possibility that can be made real. It is the purpose of our time together. It is the purpose of your life.

In your time with Panache you will:

  • See how your conditioning and wounding hide your divine light
  • Unlock the secrets to resolving this state of separation, and experience your authentic Self
  • Experience how to make the possibility of peace and fulfillment your reality

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