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Phoenix - Celebrate Your Live - In Person Event - Panache Desai

Celebrate Your Life – Phoenix 2018 – Know your Divinity

3-Day In Person Event
Celebrate Your Life
Know Your Divinity
Phoenix, Arizona
November 2 – 5 2018
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Life is often seen as a struggle, as a hard fought battle to be won. It is easy to forget that when you know your Self, when you realize your Divine nature, life unfolds in its perfection. Struggle is transformed into a flow of expansion and evolution naturally.

To enter this new state of flow and momentum, to gain realization of your authentic Self, is a process of Divine vibrational alignment. This requires up-leveling your vibrational frequency to align with that of the Divine. It is a process of immersing yourself in Divine energy and living from that expanded vibrational state. This is what happens when we come together and become saturated with the highest Divine vibration. This is grace.

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In your time with Panache you will:

  • Understand what creates separation, struggle and suffering
  • Delve into the solutions to reveal your Divine nature
  • Experience the creativity, flow and momentum of Divine alignment

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