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Change Your Life May – 4 Part Series Bundle

Change your Energy Change Your Life
4 Part Series Bundle

The follow-up livestream series to Panache’s one-on-one conversation with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday.

Panache’s 4-part series of 60-minute livestreams is an invitation to step into a conscious level of limitless energetic receptivity, recognize your sacredness and restore your true nature. Then, you will become a catalyst for your own vibrational transformation and the transformation of everyone else on the planet.

Your vibrational resonance informs all things. What signal are you sending out?

Part 1 – Energy 101: Your guide to understanding how to take charge of your energy by shifting the way you experience your emotions. Your emotions are energy in motion that are naturally wanting to move through you. When you suppress or repress this energy, it stops moving through you and you feel weighed down like water turning to ice. Find out what you need to know to break the freeze.

Part 2 – Go with the Flow: This week you get the tools you need to be in the optimal energetic state of flow. By getting into the habit of experiencing every emotion you have, even the “negative ones” like anger, sadness and fear, your energy will skyrocket and you will be fully available to embrace your life as it unfolds in every moment.

Part 3 – Be in the Company of Truth: Vibrational energy is “contagious” when you are not responsible for your energy. What you can do to become a tuning fork that vibrationally shifts the energy of everyone around you.

Part 4 – The Acceptance of Everything: Acceptance is the doorway to a new way of being in your life. Find out how to make acceptance a daily practice by recognizing the sacredness of yourself and everyone around you.