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Connecting To Harmony

What you are trying to attain isn’t outside of you. You can only ever experience that which is already authentically present within you. We’ve overly complicated everything. You’re here to be you and that means no longer resisting any aspect of you, no longer rejecting yourself, no longer denying yourself, no longer punishing yourself. You see, the key to your transformation is self acceptance and self love. 

At some point in addition to restoration of safety, we have to get to a place where we are able to be in our human experience and to realize that being human is the most divine thing of all. We have to lay a foundation of peace and harmony. And on top of that foundation, we can then begin to build a platform of self love and self acceptance. 

Picture in this moment that you are swimming in an infinite soup of love and light. Based on your programming, conditioning or past experiences, you are interpreting that love and light according to that programming or conditioning instead of just experiencing it. We are only as ever limited as we allow ourselves to be and until we feel safe in who we are, we cannot evolve. We cannot develop or know our enlightened consciousness, our abundance, our health, our vibrancy, our peace. Once safety is restored, not only can we know it, we can embody it. 

The reason you may have had a hard time being in the state of flow is because it’s been increasingly challenging for you to be yourself. I would like for you to actualize your potential and to fully embody it. 

The degree to which you cultivate a loving, accepting and inclusive relationship with your feelings, your thoughts, and your body is the degree of which you allow yourself to receive all of the beautiful power, presence and light that is flowing through you all the time; to walk the Earth living in oneness, connected to love and harmony. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath.