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You Are Enough – Conscious at Thirty-Three Thousand Feet

Life is always playing out in the highest way for all involved to learn and expand into who they are meant to be.

Everything you experience serves a purpose. It feels so difficult because it is so personal, so hurtful. But you have the power to transform your relationship to it.

How do you accept trauma, rejection, and abandonment as part of your evolution? It’s helpful, in a difficult situation, to see not just the negative—­but both the negative and the positive. Most people compartmental experiences as either good or bad, but doing so only creates rigid boundaries that further limit us. Perceived negative life experiences create positive attributes in you that would not have been present otherwise. Life experiences shape you, but do not have to define you.

Yes, sometimes people get stuck in repetitive traumatic loops, but for most, suffering becomes an entry point for compassion and serves to redirect people toward love. There is grace in this—­and grace always allows for expansion, if you are open to it.

The next step toward ending your sense of being victimized is letting go of any harmful incidents and all that is associated with them vibrationally. This is what I call “vibrational forgiveness,” and it starts with just becoming aware of the source of the abuse or transgression in each case.

You have been told you have done wrong, and others have wronged you. But the reality is that  life is always playing out in the highest way for all involved to learn and expand into who they are meant to be. When you operate with this awareness, it is easier to not get caught up in emotional entanglements or conflicts. There is no greater way to experience day-­to-­day interactions than from a place of love and connection to your Essential Self.

When you see life from thirty-­three thousand feet, you can step completely out of the cycle of shame, blame, and guilt. You can come into a pure, high vibration of love and gratitude, where you allow your full light to shine through and generate the greatest possibilities for everyone on this planet.

This excerpt is from Panache Desai’s new book You Are Enough, published February, 2020 by HarperOne. 

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