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September Darshan - A Gift of Grace - Panache Desai

Darshan Session – A Gift of Grace

September Darshan Session - A Gift of Grace - Panache Desai

Join me for an all new darshan session where I share divine energy with the intention of establishing you in oneness and expanding your experience of fulfillment, peace and love each month.

Darshan means “to see” or “to reveal.” What is seen and revealed? Your divinity, your oneness, your essential Self. In darshan, I share a state of oneness – the highest vibrational frequency and the most powerful force for transformation.

These sessions are offered as a blessing, without charge or requirements of any kind.

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September 26, 2017 – LIVE DARSHAN SESSION

Hi Sweet Friends and welcome to this Global Darshan.

I am honored to be with you in the midst of the increasing escalation of the evolutionary catalyst that are required to support us in breaking free of survival based tendencies and moving into states of absolute connection.

I know when you look at the state of the world you can’t help but be worried at what’s happening. I want you to know that no matter where you are in the world that you will always be okay, that even though things may happen around you or in your vicinity, that by virtue of the fact that you are connected to this energy you will always be kept safe. You are here to witness an evolution of an entire species and for the first time in this evolutionary cycle we will be here to tell the tale, meaning that we have a front row seat into humanities restoration back to harmony, back to the light, back to love.

So I invite you to hold this in your hearts as the world seemingly continues to spiral out of control, as humanities shadow continues to be integrated and as we all continue to find deeper levels of truth and peace within our own hearts through our willingness to connect with our souls.

I want to support you in fully expanding into all that you are so just close your eyes and open your palms. I want you to simply relax and receive. Just become aware of your breath and just know that wherever you are, you are fully supported. I’m going to focus the full power of this energy in your first 3 chakras. Everything related to survival, self-image, everything that keeps you stuck in the illusion of the fabricated self. I want to lovingly free you of the last layer of attachment that we must all be willing to break free of and that is the attachment to being ourselves, to being the egoic self, the created fabricated structure that is rooted in fear that most people will never break free of. Just continue to breathe and relax and allow the world and all of the events of the world to just fall away for a few moments.

Allow everything on the level of relationships, familial bonds, co-workers, employees to just fall away for a few moments and just allow the notion of yourself to fall away too just leaving behind a state of pure being. I’m going to upgrade your software and to bring you into alignment with the latest vibrational platform that we have access to. Feeling the energy in your palms, soles of your feet, crown of your head and your heart; freeing you of all forms of fear, anxiety, worry, stress, insecurity and just anchoring you in the absolute trust that comes with complete surrender.

Darshan means to be in the presence of. It’s time to be in the presence of the Divine that exists all around you and within you as you. Just rest in this place relinquishing all forms of control, just fully expanding your light, fully elevating your vibrational frequency and point of attraction, just continue to relax and continue to welcome whatever arises within you; thoughts, emotions, memories, physical sensations; just welcome it all.

Take some breaths and gently and slowly bring your awareness back to your body and the room that you’re in.

More and more people are being called into simplicity, to move beyond consumption and to return to a state of harmony and equilibrium within themselves and within their lives. Everything that’s happening on the planet is happening to insight a personal revolution, one in which you no longer participate in life in the way that you’ve been conditioned to do so, one in which instead you allow your heart and your authentic need to be the driving force and factor in every decision. Simply stated, what is it that I require? – No more and no less. The more you can bear this in mind and in your heart, the more you’ll begin to return to a state of simplicity and a state of harmony, one in which you are allowed then to expand into states of consciousness that are sustainable and that are permanent, states of being that are ever expansive. The more connected you are to your soul the less it is that you need and as this connection deepens everything that is extraneous and no longer necessary in your life begins to fall away.

There is an incredible power and blessing in simplifying, in living a very streamlined existence. Get off the hamster wheel and begin to find what’s true for you. Begin to find what works best for you and begin to most importantly of all relax into your authentic connection that is already present and that has always been present within.

The other shift that’s unfolding is that people are beginning to realize that they no longer have to go anywhere in order to experience who they are in their totality; meaning that there’s no longer anything to prove to anyone else or even to yourself. You are already healthy, abundant, loving and peaceful and when you start from this foundational platform of truth naturally you continue to deepen and expand into it and so allow the simplicity that is universally being administered on this planet to arrive and to land and to be remembered. Recognize that vibration and frequency and energy is the foundational experience of all sustained transformation and all dynamic expansion. Stay true to who you are and to who you’ve come here to be and allow yourself to live in alignment with nature, to live in alignment with all of creation and to live in alignment most importantly of all with yourself.

I want to send you all love and I thank you for joining me from all over the world for this Global Darshan. May your evolution continue to accelerate. May harmony and balance be restored within you and may your life force energy or Prana be completely liberated from within your being so that you can embody the highest states of connection and then from these states begin to illuminate the world around you.

I am grateful for this time and grateful for the blessing of our connection. Be well my beloved friends and until the next time, come back here, receive, remember and align with who you are.


Align With Your True Purpose and Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of With Ease. Get Your FREE Intro to Vibrational Transformation from Panache Desai, Vibrational Catalyst for Spiritual and Personal Transformation.