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Darshan Session A Gift of Grace - Panache Desai

Darshan Session – A Gift of Grace

Darshan Session A Gift of Grace - Panache Desai

Darshan means “to see” or “to reveal”. What is seen and revealed? Your divinity, your oneness, your essential Self. In darshan, I share my state of oneness, the highest vibrational frequency and the most powerful force for transformation.

For 30 minutes each month, I will offer darshan of the divine energy with the intention of establishing you in oneness and expanding fulfillment, peace and love. Connect to the highest frequency of oneness in a darshan session with me live via Facebook Livestream.

These sessions are offered as a blessing, without charge or requirements of any kind. Please join me and receive this gift of grace.

Watch the video below to learn how:

Darshan Session: A Gift of Grace – August 23, 2017 from Panache Desai on Vimeo.


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Hi Sweet Friends, Welcome to this Online Global Darshan!

Darshan means to be in the presence and just to clarify it’s not being in my presence, the body, the personality, the mind it’s being in the presence of the Divine, of the energy of this love that we are all a part of. The more we begin to see human beings for who they really are, the more the external superficialities begin to fall away and the more we come to know the perfection that exits in every moment of life and living, to be in presence means to be in the company of the truth! When we access presence, by allowing our created egoic structure or created self to subside so that the natural authentic part of us, the part that is already whole and complete and realized, the part that is one with the Divine so that that part can begin to expand beyond us out into the world around us. Darshan is an ancient practice and it’s a practice through which divine energy is expressed from one individual to everyone who is called to be present.

Close your eyes; open your palms and take some long deep cleansing breaths. We’re just simply going to hold a space for you to receive all that it is that you need in this moment so that energetically you can expand into the totality of your being and so that you can fully and completely embody the divinity that you have come here to express and share. Rest in the awareness of your breath; feel the energy in your palms, your feet; your heart and in the crown of your head. Allow this divine energy, this vibration of pure love to fill you, to restore harmony and balance within you and to also facilitate the activation and remembrance of your greater potential and of the greater reason why you are on this planet. Bask in the love and forget the world for a few moments, focus your attention on what’s going on inside of you and in this way simply allow yourself to relax and receive. If you wish, you can post your experiences in the comment box underneath when we are done. Receive!

Connecting with the hearts of all 500 and almost 30,000 of you from around the world, it is supporting you all in coming into your highest expression so that you can live your best life.

Just allow your energy to expand beyond you out into the world around you until eventually it just envelopes our entire planet. The more we vibrationally evolve beyond the collective unconscious, the more we begin to experience the reality of life, the more we begin to be freed of fear lack and scarcity in all forms and the more we begin to serve as a bridge between this dimensional plane of existence and a far greater one. Just allow your light and your love and your energy to continue to expand out beyond you, just opening up into complete receiving.

Good you can take some breaths and gently and slowly you can bring your awareness back. If you’d like, you can just post your experience in the comments below. Teaching in its highest form happens through presence. Transformation doesn’t occur in the presence of information, it happens in the presence of embodied consciousness and the degree to which an individual has transcended their personality and their ego and their created self is the degree to which they’re able to be of service and in turn impact the world. We are now collectively reaching a point where we are now more than ever abiding in a state of peace and bliss at all times. We’re beginning to pierce through the veil of separation to evolve beyond all of the egoic traits that we always try to fix, heal or change and we’re beginning to come to know ourselves as the deepest part of who we are, our essential self, our soul and so as you continue to experience Darshan, it’s my deepest wish that you continue to expand in your light and most importantly of all expand in your connection with your true self. Please feel free to share this with everyone that you know. Just invite them to open their palms and sit still and to just simply be available for their experience, whatever that is. Allow the energy to be expressed and know that every month we’ll come back in this state of Darshan to bring you the most up to date preparational experience that is available to all people at that particular point in their evolution.

May you be blessed with health; may you be blessed with peace and may you be blessed with love and may you be blessed with abundance in all forms. Thank you for joining me for this global Darshan. Feel free to share this and invite others to come and experience the energy, the presence and the light.

I love you all with all my heart and until the next time, be well!


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