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Free Online Presentation - Darshan Session - Gift of Grace - Panache Desai

December Darshan Session – A Gift of Grace

Free Online Presentation - Darshan Session - Gift of Grace - Panache Desai

Join me for an all new darshan session where I share divine energy with the intention of establishing you in oneness and expanding your experience of fulfillment, peace and love each month.

Darshan means “to see” or “to reveal.” What is seen and revealed? Your divinity, your oneness, your essential Self. In darshan, I share a state of oneness – the highest vibrational frequency and the most powerful force for transformation.

These sessions are offered as a blessing, without charge or requirements of any kind.

Watch the video below to learn how:

Darshan Session: A Gift of Grace – Dec 5 2017 from Panache Desai on Vimeo.


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December 5, 2017 – LIVE DARSHAN SESSION

Hi Sweet Friends and I’m honored to be here with you again for this Global Darshan! I have loved reading your comments and most importantly of all hearing how the energy is impacting you where you are in your home. It has been my honor to be with you every single month in this way and to spend this time in supporting you in your evolution.

The more we expand into peace and the more we recognize that peace is the foundational experience of our lives, the more we begin to understand that any and all fluctuations in that state are inauthentic aspects of ourselves that want our attention.

Transformation is nothing more than the process of making the unconscious conscious and life serves as the catalyst to bring everything into our awareness that we need to see, feel and experience so that we can return to love, so that we can return to peace.

There are times in life where we are left feeling that things are happening that are unfair and the tendency is to get upset or get annoyed or to begin to lose our energy over the event. We have moved away from our peace and I want you to know that as much as that may be an experience that you have for maybe a minute or two minutes, that life’s events that pull you from peace, don’t deserve your attention or your focus. Eventually all things come into harmony and alignment and when you’ve done everything in your heart that you need to do to have a situation unfold in your favor, at that point you just have to surrender it to God.

You are here to expand in all ways and life is on your side. There is universal law and harmony and grace acting on your behalf and there is a goodness in everyone that innately is guiding them in the same way even though they may have for a few moments forgotten that goodness. So as we are moving toward the end of the year and as many of you are preparing to spend extended time with you family members with your co-workers, your colleagues, your friends, it’s important to understand that human beings are the sum total of their unconscious experiences and that they are showing up in whatever way they believe that they can, all the while missing the point that you are an empowered human being who has the ability to stand in your truth, to stand in your light and most importantly of all to articulate whatever is in the highest and best for you.

You are here to grow in your trust and belief in yourself and once you are fully anchored in that trust and belief at that point nothing can knock you off of the peace that is your natural state. Nothing can move you away from harmony. I know in my life there have been experiences even recently that have seemed as though things were happening in a way that was unfair or things were moving in a way that was unjust and in those moments especially we’re called to once again return to faith, return to trust and return to surrender because when you are connected everything in your life is amplified, every experience that you’re going through in life becomes more impactful and it’s for this reason that you must even more come back to harmony.

So as we move into the holiday season, when somebody says something that triggers you, come back to peace. It’s not worth getting upset about. When somebody does something that upsets you, come back to peace. When people behave in ways that seem to be selfish or self-absorbed or furthering their own self-interest you have to smile and you have to remember that God is the source of all things and that ultimately the highest and the best will always come into being.

I know that many of you really, really, really do not like the holidays for this reason because you’re stuck in the same house as people that have the ability to push all of your buttons and to knock you off of center faster than any other human being in your life and I’d like to remind you that you’ve empowered them with that ability and so at some point you can just as easily and just as quickly disempower them by refusing to play the game, by refusing to engage with them, by refusing to acknowledge the ignorance or acknowledge the behavior that is being directed toward you. There’s an incredible power in being present and I’ve heard how families have turned their entire holiday dynamic around just through returning to peace, that friends have reconciled, that family members who once couldn’t stand to be with each other could start to finally be able to be with each other, that life doesn’t have to be contentious, that when you trust and let go and you allow life to unfold in the way that it needs to for you all of a sudden you’ll begin to realize that there are powers at work and forces at work that leave you in a state that is unshakable.

I want to support you with an activation and initiation to align all your vibrational centers and to support you in coming back to harmony faster and faster and faster. For me the commitment that people make to the programming that I offer allows them to see the progression over time. I’ve also come to the realization that that commitment is more important than anything else because when an individual makes the commitment to themselves for a year to take part in OAP or to be a part of Transformational Mentoring or even to every month listen to Soul Support they are acknowledging a deeper yearning and a deeper immergence that’s wanting to occur from deep within their being. That’s why you’re here because there’s something more in you that wants to be expressed and that ultimately you’re beginning to realize that there’s an infinite power within you that once accessed has the capacity to bring life into alignment and to bring the highest outcomes into being in your favor on your behalf.

There’s an amazing magic at work and when we begin to recognize that we’re the source of it, we can begin to align with it on purpose with precision over and over again. So I would like to transform your holiday season from one that you regret, one that’s filled with overwhelm and stress, maybe you’re one of those people that has to buy the perfect for everybody but no matter how hard you try it’s never the gift that they wanted or you are a parent and you’re on the search for a Hatchimal or the Teddy Ruxpin doll or whatever it is that you’re on the search for that your child wants, the must have toy and you can’t find it, whatever it is we just need to learn to surrender this holiday season because it’s the gift of presence that’s important, it’s the way in which we’re engaging in life, it’s the way in which we’re going about engaging in conversation, interacting with people, embracing others that matters.

You know we live in a world that is living in the height of unsustainable separation. It means we need to grow longer arms and embrace more people than we ever can because the world is going through an evolution that it doesn’t even know that it’s in the midst of, you and I do, we’re here but your average person is just being triggered, activated, their life is completely shifting in front of them, they’re going through bouts of emotion that they don’t understand, everything in their life is shifting and in their mind, they’re losing their mind or losing control and for them that’s a bad thing. For us of course at the point when we realize we’re losing our mind or losing control we start to celebrate, but that’s just us.

So there are circumstances and situations that people are experiencing that are bringing up heightened amounts of fear in their lives and it’s for this reason that we must act with greater levels of compassion and care. Not to say that we’re not still going to get angry, of course we are but we don’t have to stay angry. We can experience the height of rage for a few moments, a few minutes at most and then just be done with it because it’s not worth it. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth compromising your connection and your state for anything or anyone.

So close your eyes, open your palms and take some breaths and we’re going to support you in remaining anchored and centered through the entire holiday season which is basically the entire month of December and every day from today we’re going to support you in accessing deeper and deeper levels of peace and connection so that even if you are triggered you can within a few breaths come back to harmony again and peace again. It’s just not worth it. Being empowered is acknowledging who you really are beyond the mind and the body and the story. When you know who you really are, when you know why you’re here, when you know what your purpose is you don’t need anything from anyone around you. At that point, you being who you are, is enough and then from that place of self-worth you then give the greatest gift of all the ability for people to believe in themselves and love themselves and once again reclaim their own sense of self-worth. Just connect with the breath and just allow yourself to relax into just feeling whatever there is to feel and if some of you may already be triggered and might be present to rage, sadness, fear whatever it is; feeling confidently in the United States the madness begins right around Thanksgiving and carries on until December the 26th or 28th when the last relative leaves or when you can finally board your plane and go home.

It’s a deeper purpose behind the holidays and for me that deeper purpose is to see how far you’ve evolved in any given year because the more peaceful you can remain in the midst of life’s events even in the midst of hurtful comments or actions on the part of others the more you can celebrate internally. That’s when you see the fruits of your commitment. I’ve seen miracle after miracle after miracle in my short life. I’ve seen blessing after blessing after blessing and I know that by virtue of the fact that you’re here you’re ready for that otherwise you would be doing something else on a Tuesday afternoon or evening or morning depending on what zone you’re in. So I just continue to breathe and relax and be supported, fully illuminating all of your vibrational centers through your chakras, fully activating any and all dormant energies or potentials that you have in you, moving through all of your energetic channels, fully illuminating all that you are, increasing your capacity to return to peace, to return to love, to be the gift, to be the gift. Good just continue to breathe and relax, just allow whatever there is in you to just come up and wash through you, whatever it is. Stress, anger, anxiety, sadness, whatever it is, unworthiness, I’m just going to welcome it. Just continue to breathe and just let it move through you. Right now you are joined by thousands and thousands of people from around the world who are offering you their love and their support. Regardless of what you’re going through just know that you are not alone that there is literally a global community of thousands of people and I would like you all please to leave your messages in the comments because they uplift everyone that’s here. So if you’re watching this all 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,000 of you or however many happen to be on, just leave your blessing for people. Leave your gift of love for people in the comments section and for some reason if this is your first holiday alone, maybe newly divorced or widowed or your children may have gone off to college, whatever the circumstance may be just come back to this and read the comments, read the blessings and the well wishes from other people for you.

There’s no greater gift than sharing your love with people. My whole life has been about that and even when people have tried to get in the way of my joy or my peace or my expression there’s nothing that can stop my purpose from coming into fruition and as much as that’s true for me that’s true for every single one of you. Breathe and relax and just feel that energy in your heart freeing you of the memory of how your holidays used to be, past hurts, past disappointments, let downs, arguments, to being able to just be present. Good, just take some breaths and gently and slowly you can bring your awareness back.

I wish for you this month of December that you realize the oneness that resides at your core, that you become a little less reactive, a little bit more peaceful, a little bit more abundant, a little bit healthier, 10% more aligned, the gradual baby step which is what these Darshan sessions are and I also invite you to go deeper to give yourself the gift of a year-long commitment to Soul Support or to the Optimal Acceleration Program or to even Mentoring because your commitment is matched by the energy and it’s also the opening required to fully transform every area of your life. When you change your energy you change your life.

In this holiday season I wish you infinite peace, God’s infinite blessings and most importantly of all more love than you have ever felt in your life. Be well. Be all that you are and remain calm and centered in the midst of every moment this month of December.


Align With Your True Purpose and Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of With Ease. Get Your FREE Intro to Vibrational Transformation from Panache Desai, Vibrational Catalyst for Spiritual and Personal Transformation.