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Divine Abundance - A Sacred Immersion to Live an Abundant Life

Divine Abundance – An Immersion for an Abundant Life

Online Immersion
Divine Abundance
An Immersion for an Abundant Life
Oct 3-7 2018
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In the mind of God, you were created as a unique expression of God’s power and intelligence. You were created to be the vehicle for God to know Its Self and to bring a particular and unique aspect of Its Self into this world. That is your purpose and that is the immense opportunity you have to bring divinity into the world through you.

You may have been created to express as a teacher, a healer, an entrepreneur, a coach, an artist, a doctor, a mother or father, a priest or a myriad of other expressions. But your openness to allow God to fully express as you, your ability to express Divine Abundance, can be accelerated and fully realized when you activate that Divine aspect within yourself.

This is God’s desire for all people and this is my desire for you. As I contemplated this need in the world and what could be done to support this need I came to the conclusion that this needed to be made available to as many people as possible.

I have decided to create a Sacred Immersion during which I will give the Activation of Divine Abundance and share with you the 8 aspects of Divine Abundance, activating each one. This will support your full expression as the intelligence and power of the Divine entering this world.

This will be an event filled with Divine Grace. It will be an expression of Divine Love and Divine Abundance.

Please join me October 3-7 for this Sacred Immersion and Activation of Divine Abundance and reveal a state of resolution, connection and freedom from limitations.

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