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The Enlightenment Course - A 4-part program to impart the highest teachings, the most profound activations of oneness and the experience of the highest states of consciousness

The Enlightenment Course – 5 Course Package

The Enlightenment Course – 5 Course Package
Online Immersion
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It is my profound wish that you live in the full state of Enlightenment. That is your birthright.

Now the world is ready to receive the highest teachings on Enlightenment. The Enlightenment Course contains the highest and most sacred teachings and activations ever given on Enlightenment. Now is the time to reveal these teachings and activations. Now is your time to realize your destiny and live your fullest life in Enlightenment.

The Enlightenment Course is the most profound and life changing course ever created.

The Enlightenment Course consists of 5 separate online Immersions:

This course takes you through the complete understanding and experience of the 4 unique states of consciousness that comprise the full revelation of enlightenment. They provide an all-encompassing knowledge of the Divine and your experiential path to end separation and live in Oneness.

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