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Evolving Into More

Uniting The Sexes and Shifting the Planet

The winds of cultural change are blowing. Despite stubborn media stereotypes, women are slowly but surely beginning to fully embrace their dynamic impact as they exercise their power to lead, ignite change, and make the world a better place to be.  No longer satisfied to take a back seat in business, government, their communities or anywhere else for that matter, women are tapping into their potent Divine Feminine power and running with it.


As women continue to surge in major areas of life and living, the men in their lives are also a fundamental part of the equation. Husbands, brothers, partners, fathers, and sons all accompany women on their path to wholeness yet there are times when both sexes don’t fully grasp the benefit of the other’s inherent divine strengths or the power of striking a catalytic balance that has the potential to shift the world’s vibrational energy in amazing ways.

Humans themselves create the barriers that exist between men and women. Any “War of the Sexes” is either generated by media sensationalism or fearful ignorance. If there exists a Male vs. Female tug-of-war, it’s sparked by the struggle we have to balance the male and female energies within ourselves.

An essential trait of both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is inclusion. A “No Boys Allowed” mentality or a membership card from the, “He-Man Woman Hater’s Club” represents the antithesis of divine energy. This wide gulf is what feeds into the misconceptions, speculation, and communication breakdown. It creates suspicion, ego driven power grabs, and imaginary battles fueled by a fear born from the known and unknown forces of their perceived “enemy.” But when we choose to evolve together, when men and women accept the opposite sex and include them in their circle, dialogue, and environment, each gender gains a better understanding of the other and moves closer to comfortably expressing and harmonizing their innate divine essences with ease.

We are all one. Halves of the same Divine energy. The Yin and Yang; seemingly opposite forces that are interconnected and interdependent. When we are truly committed to cultivating openness, learning and understanding of the opposite sex, the chasm of separation and judgment that divides us begins to close. When the bridge is built, both women and men can lovingly walk across in peace, accepting and loving each other, ready to bond, and shift their vibrational energy away from fear toward a more peaceful, harmonious and loving world for all of us.