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Experience Connection

Guided Meditations with Panache Desai
Music by Richard Shulman

Experience Connection – Soothing, reflective and powerful guided meditations that remind you that you are never alone while connecting you to the wellspring of infinite potential that resides at the core of your being.

Panache has shared the Gift of Energetic Awakening since 2003. The same energetic connection shared through him in Sessions is carried as a frequency on these recordings. As you listen, enter a state of awareness, a transcended place of stillness. In this moment, profound shifts occur and lasting changes are made.

Experience Connection features two inspiring long-playing meditations, Journey of Connection andWith Every Breath. Each are over 31 minutes. Additionally he shares a special message on the first track,Your Divine Essence. These Divinely-guided messages return you to the knowing that no matter what you are going through or challenges you may be facing, when you remember your Divine connection you access that infinite potential of love, light, grace and support. Panache is accompanied by internationally recognized musician Richard Shulman.

Total Running Time: 69 minutes