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Experiencing Life Consciously

Think of your life and the experiences that you are having as the entertainment that keeps you engaged while your light is present in this reality. What you always have to remember is that life is about keeping your light in form in this reality. That’s why it’s important to not put too much of an emphasis on what’s happening in your life, rather, just observe it and be with it. 

Every single thing that is happening and going on in our lives, is just an avenue where we get to return to our natural state of being. When we observe our life like a movie, and we realize we count in the movie, then we can play our role perfectly. How we find peace is getting to a place where we recognize that if I am critical, then I need to enjoy the roll of being critical and if I’m judgmental, then I need to enjoy the roll of being judgemental, and if I’m living in a perpetual existential crisis, then I have to enjoy the roll of living in a perpetual existential crisis. 

It’s okay to have fun being you. It’s okay to be you with a smile on your face. It’s okay to be you and enjoy your role. You might be thinking, how do I enjoy being angry? Or how do I enjoy experiencing rage? The reason you are not enjoying it is because you are trying to be different than you are and you are making yourself wrong. You end up wasting your energy trying to stop being who you really are. You are who you are. 

You also need to be responsible for who you are. In the case of rage or anger, you’re not angry or experiencing rage because of another person, you have anger and experience rage because you have it inside of you. In the absence of it being authentically inside of you, you wouldn’t be feeling it. 

When you realize you are just the observer and the witness, that everything is happening and your body is being moved around the chessboard of life, words seemingly come out of your mouth wherever your light is needed, everything becomes easier. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.