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Facing Your Deepest Fear

Within each one of us resides a deep, unconscious fear. Until this fear is consciously experienced, the underlying pain will continue to keep you from all that you truly desire.

Everything in your experience falls into one of two energetic categories – love or fear. Your soul’s natural expression is love. It vibrates when you are giving, caring, or grateful. Fear, on the other hand, is your identity’s calling card, which can manifest as anger, isolation, or addiction. In any given moment, you’re either coming from a place of love, peace, and acceptance or constriction, distraction and fear.

In order to be empowered to address your unconscious fears you must first become aware of them. Ask yourself the following questions: “What am I afraid of?” or “What am I afraid of that I don’t even realize I’m afraid of?”

Consciously embracing your hidden fears allows you to breathe, relax, and feel the underlying hurt that keeps you from reaching your potential. You may subconsciously keep people at arm’s length for fear of losing them or you may be secretly afraid of failure and fail to show up fully in your life. Whatever the reason, the more you become one with your pain, the more you will embody love.

Give voice to your deepest fears. Begin unearthing all that’s buried deep within you and realize that in order to receive everything that you’ve always wanted, you must be willing to let it all go.