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Fall Back into Gratitude

When Daylight Savings time rolled in on Sunday morning, I woke up so grateful for the extra hour of sleep. Even the twins took advantage of the extra ZZZZ time. Who knew that turning back the clock just one little hour could make such a difference?  No matter how you slice it, one hour, sixty minutes, two half hours, or four fifteen minute intervals, it’s all the same quantity of time. The only thing that changed was my willingness to infuse it with gratitude and looked at it as an opportunity to take care of my family and myself a little bit better.

Infusing All Moments with Gratitude

A transformation happens when you add the vibration of gratitude to daily life.  It offers you the opportunity to no longer take things for granted, so that you can appreciate everything in your life exactly as it is right now, in this moment, without any judgment.  You begin to see and appreciate the warm, amazing being behind the infant crying to have her diaper changed or the humanity behind the repeated phone calls from your sister asking if you are going to be visiting over the holidays.

When you are in this space of presence, something shifts inside. Your body is able to open up and relax. Accepting each and every moment as it unfolds with a sense of appreciation and being present with all that you are as it flows through you is freedom – freedom from anxiety, freedom from worry, freedom from control, freedom from your fear.

What you give to another is what you receive.  When you see, you are acknowledged. When you listen, you are heard.  An attitude of gratitude is the best thing you could do for everyone because it is also the best thing you could ever give yourself.

The Best Gift to Give – a Full Heart

When your heart is full, there are endless amounts to give.  When you are connected to the infinite power of gratitude, you will understand and connect to your loved ones in ways you could have never imagined before. Vibrational transformation is one of the most powerful tools to use in creating that expansiveness and supporting you as you move into an authentic practice of gratitude.

The bottom line is your awareness determines your experience of love.  The more you dissipate your fear and the more the judgment falls away, the greater your awareness becomes and the greater your capacity to love everyone in your life becomes – just as they are, however they show up, and whatever they do.