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Financial Stress: Resetting Our Needs

Covid-19 has offered us the opportunity of a reset. 

Throughout this window of quarantine, self-isolation and lockdown, we have been able to very quickly discern every day what it is we need on a daily basis. Covid has forced us to become conscious around our level of consumption. It has also shown us that we really don’t need most of what we have been consuming at all. 

I would like you to continue the momentum of this reset as we continue to emerge beyond the pandemic, and return to our daily lives. Because the simpler you are, meaning the more you realize your survival is dependent on basic things, the more what you do with your time becomes a choice. It very quickly enables you to get out of a bad trade, which is trading your  time and energy in order to survive. 

Once you realize what it actually takes for you to live, what you actually need to survive, including some sort of shelter, heat, air conditioning or fan potentially, food to sustain you and exercise, like getting out and walking, life becomes so much easier. It becomes easier because at that point you can see that you don’t have to generate in order to survive. You can actually survive by providing your body the essential nutrients that it needs on a daily basis as well as the shelter it deserves, and the clothing that’s necessary. 

You can provide the basic things you need which takes care of all your survival stuff, and at that point, you have a choice. Once you free up the time, you are no longer wrapped up in financial stress and overwhelm thinking about money. Nor are you wasting your time, effort and energy on money.  Why? Because you no longer need money in any relative level of excess in order to survive. 

At that point, you are finally out of survival and you become creative. You have the opportunity to innovate, to inspire, to do something where you are being of service to other people. Your life is no longer about you. You’re meeting your needs and you’ve realized very clearly what those needs are. 

It’s time to shift your relationship with money and live a simpler life.