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Five Signs You’re Living Your Soul Signature

How do you know when you are living your potential? Why is it that some people seem to have the Midas touch while others are always struggling? Are some people just lucky or born under the right astrological influence? Is living your Soul Signature something everyone can access?

The answer to all of these questions is simple—you can feel the difference. You may not be able to pinpoint what it is exactly, but people who are living their Soul Signature seem to have an aura about them, an intriguing quality that draws you in and welcomes you. You can sense the deep authenticity of their expression while having a conscious or unconscious recognition of your unique, vibrational resonance.

Here are five signs you are living your Soul Signature:

1. Your life reflects the richness of a soulful existence, not just materially but spiritually.

People who have unleashed the immense power within them are at peace with themselves and the world around them. How can you feel at peace within when you’re still trying to figure yourself out? Remember this: Feeling peace with yourself is the definition of success.

2. Your focus shifts from ego-centric to altruistic.

You no longer ask yourself, “What’s in it for me?” Instead, you think about how to serve everyone around you and how your soul’s true resonance can reach and elevate the most people. People who are living their Soul Signature know that life is about something greater than them. Your primary objective is to uplift everyone around you.
3. You realize the futility in fighting against yourself.

Most people are at odds with themselves all the time. When you come into harmony with yourself, you become a vessel for something greater to come through you. Creativity flourishes when your mind, body and spirit work together. Rather than have just one aspect of yourself dominate your experience, every facet works synergistically to allow for the complete expression of your spirit to come to life in all you do. All great art, music, performance and business are born of this alignment. You love what you do and more importantly, you love who you are.

4. You become an inspirational spark for everyone around you.

The more you know and accept yourself, the greater your ability to expand this magnificent potential for everyone on the planet. When you are living your soul signature, exponential growth extends well beyond you, your family and friends. Everyone on earth benefits when your vibrational energy goes mainstream.

5. You are committed to living as the Divine created you.

Ultimately, the previous steps are a byproduct of embodying your unique design and your soul’s authentic expression. If the Divine created you and the Divine is pure perfection, you are that absolute perfection as well.

If you’re tired of the internal struggle and feeling like you’re just getting by, stop doing what you’re doing and start being who you were meant to be. Awaken your spiritual DNA, embrace your brilliant Soul Signature, and feel the difference that will change your world.