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Revelation - What does it mean to be enlightened?

Free Online Seminar: Revelation

Free Online Seminar
June 11th at 4:30PM ET / 1:30PM PT
Via Facebook Livestream

What does it mean to be enlightened?

The state of enlightenment is always present within you. That state of enlightened consciousness is there when you are lost in anger, sadness or worry. It’s there when you are lost in addiction or asleep, awake or dreaming. It is your destiny to reveal that state of Cosmic Consciousness, that connection to the impersonal aspect of the divine that always resides within you.

Compassion and knowledge of your Self is enlightenment. Compassion for the world is enlightenment expressed.

Becoming enlightened means that you are revealing what is already there. You are not fixing something that’s broken, or becoming anything else. It’s a process of uncovering – revealing what is there inside you.

Enlightenment means to be in the light. That light is the light of God, the light of pure consciousness that always resides within you.

In the upcoming sacred immersion, The Enlightenment Course Part 2: Cosmic Consciousness, you will accelerate the revelation of the divinity within so you can live in the permanent state of revelation.


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Experience the 4 States
of Conciousness

The Enlightenment Course is the most profound and life changing course ever created. It consists of 4 separate online Immersions:

This course takes you through the complete understanding and experience of the 4 unique states of consciousness that comprise the full revelation of enlightenment. They provide an all-encompassing knowledge of the Divine and your experiential path to end separation and live in Oneness.

What’s Included



    • The September 2018 online Immersion: God Consciousness


    • The December 2018 online Immersion: Brahman Consciousness