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You Are Enough – Harmony

“Harmony is authenticity. It is the essential nature of everything.”

When you feel dissonance, that is an invitation to return to harmony. Dissonance is a vibrational experience that is egoically based. Harmony and peace are vibrational experiences that exist on the level of the soul. When you are at peace, you are aligned with the soul. Everything else is ego.

Your Essential Self, pure Being, is what harmonizes life. It is the foundation that stabilizes everything else. It is always there, but so often obscured and forgotten. When it’s consciously present, consciously remembered and experienced, then you have restored wholeness and connection.

Harmony arises when you reconnect with, remember, and realize the bigger part of you that was forgotten and hidden. This is the ultimate alignment: the role with the Essential Self. This is the restoration of oneness. You are more than your thoughts and feelings and body. You are more than your created self. You are universal consciousness.

Life directly reflects your general vibrational frequency. Your general vibrational frequency determines your state of consciousness, the depth of connection to the Essential Self. That connection and state also determine the power and intelligence to which you have access.

When you are in vibrational alignment, your life spontaneously, naturally, and completely expresses the full intelligence and power of the Divine and becomes the vehicle for the Divine to express itself in the world through you.

Being is divine; you are a human Being. Your intelligence, your wisdom, your power, your love, your confusion, your anger, your stress, your worthlessness—­ all of it is divine.

It is all God knowing God.

This excerpt is from Panache Desai’s new book You Are Enough, published February, 2020 by HarperOne. 

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