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Hope: The Wave of Momentum and Expansion

Have you noticed that innovations and technology are happening faster than ever before. Processor feeds are compounding, batteries sizes are doubling. Technology has reached a critical mass, and it is evolving and expanding at a rate that is startling. In that same way, the momentum you’ve been building in your life, in your own personal evolution is compounding as well. 

Humanity has entered a decade, a window of time that is a giant possibility zone. A golden period of time within which we have the capacity to consciously choose to be ourselves in every moment and to opt out of the collective experience of suffering that has been dominating our beloved brothers and sisters for a long time. 

The very second you get rid of suffering, and you have the courage to know yourself beyond it, is the very moment you begin to ride this wave of momentum and expansion. That wave of momentum and expansion has you breakthrough into the greater possibility zone where your life force energy, who you are, your vibrancy, your vitality, your love, begins to be utilized to further the momentum of every area of your life. That means that no matter how old you are, no matter how you’ve lived, no matter what financial position you are in, no matter what the current state of your physicality is, every single thing is subject to expansion and evolution like never before. 

The more people that embrace the possibility and potential of living free of survival, the more it becomes redundant on behalf of all of us. We all begin to see the redundancies inherently embedded in suffering because suffering doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t in any way catalyze anything. This is why it is more important than ever to just let it go and to opt out of suffering and to no longer contribute to your energy or attention toward that. 

Letting go is how you help the collective. Once you become responsible and accountable for what is inside of you, and how you’re tethered to that collective experience, you can then untether yourself. And in doing so, you allow everything to begin and end within you. At that point you are empowered and you are free. 

The more people choose to be themselves, and step out from behind their suffering, and the more people choose to recognize, and live from this place of possibility, the more it becomes available to every other man, woman and child alive, as well as benefiting the planet, creation and beyond. When I tell you that these breakthroughs into possibilities are unique occurrences, I am not exaggerating. 

We have evolved into this possibility zone expansion in every area of life and living that is ten years long. Ten years of evolution and expansion that is just going to speed up and compound and will turn humanity from a consciousness standpoint around. This means it’s literally going to shift us out of fear and fear-based states of being that keeps us locked in suffering, into love. That is where we are.