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How Do You Behave When Facing A Tough Challenge?

When you face a tough challenge, hurt feelings, sadness, rejection or regret, do you stay in the moment and feel what you’re feeling or do you “cut a vibrational rug” and dance with distraction?

In any given moment when we choose to be unavailable for life or what it's bringing up inside, we seek out a distraction. Food, alcohol, sex, work, television, shopping, drugs, and the internet all act as great diversions in our daily lives. These distractions enable us to disassociate ourselves with the uncomfortable feelings around our situation and take a mental vacation from reality.  You feel you can’t deal with the dilemma so you simply don’t deal with it. You dance around it, leaving broken emotions, repressed feelings and pain in your wake.

Traditionally distractions are known as addictions, a loaded term heavily laced with judgment. When you move into that judgment, you unknowingly cement your vibrational density in place. But if you open to the distractions and become fully aware of them, you can consciously shift the vibrational energy around them – breaking the patterns that keep you from being open and available to what's going on right now.

This is the perfect time of year to address the places where we choose to soft shoe away from our fears and doubts as we face the high-pressure holidays. We have a choice – feel all our unresolved emotions and let them wash over us or polish our tap shoes and dance with distraction.

Quit the chorus line. Be present, embrace your issues, and waltz with love.

What do you run to when you just can't face your issues big or small?  Where do you dance with distraction? Take the first step to clarity and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

In our captivating November Webcast Series, Dancing with Distraction, we’ll confront our feelings around distraction and meet our perceived “demons” head on, allowing you make new choices and flow freely with the emotions that would normally have you clogging toward an addictive behavior, pattern, or habit.

Join us in November and shift your energy from distraction to divine action.

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