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How To Access Freedom

I have learned through personal experience a long time ago, that surrender, and I mean complete and total surrender, is actually the only way to fly. I’ve traveled all over the world and have met people from all walks of life, and have experienced things that are just beyond the mind that I never could have imagined. All in all, my life has been a journey that has been unfolding with this perfection and synchronicity, even in this moment.  

Letting go is how you access freedom. Letting go of your version of life allows you to experience life in its totality. I used to want things, I used to pray for things, I used to believe that things were going to make me happy, and that having things was an answer to something that was feeling inside of me that I didn’t want to feel, until one day, I realized I was praying for all the wrong things.

We spend all of our time intending, praying and envisioning for ourselves, for things we think are going to make a difference in our lives, only to discover that once we get them, they don’t make a difference at all. 

At some point you have to end your fight with life and you have to get that life is unfolding in perfection. Once you can accept what’s unfolding at every moment, you begin to live from your heart. You begin to discover peace. You begin to discover love because you’re no longer afraid.

Surrender is always the right answer to every perceived problem. 

Many of you, for a long time now, have been taking your spouses to workshops in hopes that one day finally, as a result of going to one of these workshops, they’re going to magically transform into a different person. But, you’re missing the point, they are part of your destiny, part of the greater creation of your life. You put everybody in your life where they are for you including the person who loved you, the person who betrayed you, the person who cheated you, the person who gave to you, the person who stole from you. Every single person is a part of your collective unfolding destiny. 

The key is to surrender and to let go. 

Today, I don’t want anything for myself that God doesn’t want for me. It’s very simple and I am willing to accept wholeheartedly whatever that is. There is nothing else. Surrender provides you access to the divine’s version of your life, which is beyond your imagining, beyond your vision board, beyond your comprehension. 

Surrendering, letting go, allowing, choosing what is sets you free.