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How to Fully Love Yourself

Loving yourself takes courage. When you step into total acceptance of who you are and choose to love yourself, your entire life shifts. Where there is love, there is no judgment. Where there is love, there is no loneliness. Where there is love, there is no fear.

Open yourself to the wellspring of limitless love that exists within you. Explore the liberating feeling that unfolds when you allow your authentic expression to shine.

In this video, discover how you can:

  • Shift the way you engage with life through seeing your own Divinity and the clear reflection of the love that exists within you…
  • Understand that love is an inner experience and all the love you’ve ever felt has come from within you…
  • Know love in it’s purest form, the love you’ve always dreamed of…

Unleash a wellspring of abundance, peace and joy, simply by loving yourself just as you are.

Watch the video below to learn how:


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How to Fully Love Yourself

Hi sweet friends. Today I want to explore what it takes for you to fully love yourself and, firstly, I would like to acknowledge that it takes courage.

That by virtue of the fact that you are here; that you are different, that you feel differently, that you think differently, that you exist in the world as an expression of consciousness and its own uniqueness, what is required above and beyond all else is the courage to fully step into who you are.

So, how do we fully begin to embrace that courage? And how can we then fully step into the love that we know is available to us?

I’m going to outline just some very brief tools and tips immediately to support you in accessing a depth of love that most of you have never allowed yourselves to experience.

The first is to step into a place of embracing who you are. We have been so judged and so confined to our conditioning, to the expectations of others, to roles and responsibilities, that we have lost sight of the beauty that just innately exists within us for no reason.

It is for this reason that we must, through the acceptance of who we are, peel back all of the layers of judgment and all of the layers of conditioning so that we can fully stand in the uniqueness of our being unapologetically and unreservedly and begin to tap into the infinite wellspring of love that resides at our core. Because, my sweet friends, as long as you continue to exist in opposition to yourself, you won’t be able to fully be at peace in who you are, so that you’re constantly chasing love outside of you.

So the first key step to fully coming into a loving relationship with yourself is to begin to accept all that you are, because it is through that that you can then be empowered to fully express and shine all that resides at your core.

The next key and this is probably one of the most important keys of all, is to remember that you are divine. When we see ourselves, more often than not we see ourselves through the lens of brokenness or through the limited lens of our humanity, we forget that within us is this infinite power, is an infinite consciousness that we are the abode of God and that the more we begin to relate to ourselves in this way and the more we begin to shift our perception of ourselves into one that is in alignment with this truth, the more every single area of life and living transforms and indeed takes off.

You see, your role on this spiritual path is to lovingly recognize that the divine within you is wanting more than anything to express its love for you and when you can begin to see yourself as an emanation of light as an abode of peace in this world, as a place where inspiration and motivation effortlessly pours forth, when you can begin to shift the way in which you engage in every moment, when you can see that you are divine, the very essence and nature of your life transforms.

The third key to fully loving all that you are is to understand that love is an inner experience. I don’t care who you’ve been with, how cute they’ve been, how successful they’ve been, how intelligent they’ve been, how charming or how wonderful, or how good in bed they’ve been… The love that you have felt in your relationships has come from you.

It’s just that due to your own inner incompletion or unworthiness or inability to fully own the magnificence that lives within you, you have projected it onto every willing recipient. In order to truly know love in its purest form, you must once again understand that the love that you are experiencing is coming from within you.

The love that you have always dreamed of is a love that exists within you for no reason. It is a causeless love, an effortless manifestation of pure beingness. And so instead of looking to others to fill some perceived void or hole that you have, begin to accept that love is your natural state. Love is who you are. Love is where you have come from and that you are the source of every experience of love that you have in your life.

The final key is to remember that you are your own soulmate. That you, in truth, are the only person that can completely love yourself. There is no other human being in this world that is equipped to be able to do that.

That means that the care, feeding and nurturing of all that you are, is your responsibility and that the more you show up for yourself and the more that you engage in these behaviors, the more you begin to relax into the love that resides within you because every single aspect of your being can then trust in the experience of love that you’re having.

Every single fiber of you knows that you are going to consistently show up over and over again in this way. The more you pour into yourself, the more you are empowering yourself to access love and to be freed of all forms of limitation and above and beyond all else. I want you to know that you are worthy, that you are perfect, that you are enough, that you are glorious and that the reason why love has remained ever elusive in your life has been because you have placed it in the hands of people outside of you who are incapable of loving you because they don’t love themselves.

Don’t waste your time. Don’t look for pearls where they will never be found. Invest in yourself. Love yourself. Care for yourself. Nurture yourself. Honor yourself and respect yourself and you’ll begin to experience a love beyond measure because the care and feeding of you is the care and feeding of God.

The respecting of you is the respecting of the divinity that you are and the loving of yourself, is the devotional requirement necessary to have a conscious connection and communion with a higher power of your choosing.

I love you with all my heart. I can’t wait to see how these keys begin to transform your experience and how you are moved to vibrationally access greater levels of self-love than ever before. I love you with all of my heart.


Align With Your True Purpose and Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of With Ease. Get Your FREE Intro to Vibrational Transformation from Panache Desai, Vibrational Catalyst for Spiritual and Personal Transformation.