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How to Make Peace with Your Life

Are you at war with life? You may not feel like you’re at war with your life, but take a closer look.

How often do you find yourself angry at the silliest little details?

Or feeling conflicted because there’s a part of you that just wants to be happy, but still you feel discontent?

Or simply in a state of resistance which puts up energetic walls that make presence and peace nearly impossible?

If any of this describes your daily life to some extent, consider that you have the opportunity to make peace with your life, to move into the energy of acceptance, and to realize the truth of your essential nature. There is a monumental energy of support behind you that wants you to thrive.

You are capable of experiencing pure joy, fulfillment, and love in each moment. Make peace with yourself, and you’ll see the energetic reverberations flow outward into your daily life as you move toward dynamic enlightenment.

Offer Unconditional Love to Your Conditioning

Imagine the beliefs you hold were written on your body. What would they say?

I’ll only be successful once I have money and a nice house.

I’m not smart enough or good looking enough to get what I want.

The only way I’ll stay ahead is if I’m in constant competition with the world and myself.

Success requires struggle.

These are just some common things we have been conditioned to believe. When you become aware of self-imposed limitation you can look at yourself with greater compassion and let those limitations go.

Each of you hold beliefs that don’t serve your higher selves or bring you any closer to thriving or living your dream. On a subconscious level you know that some of your conditioning and limiting beliefs hold you back from ever feeling truly fulfilled. Consciously practice affirming your worth and reminding yourself that you are not your limiting beliefs, you are limitless.

Letting Life Be and Releasing What You Can’t Control

When you want things to be a certain way and want your needs met you can become attached to outcomes. When your attachment to things going your way becomes too strong, you open yourself to suffering. Too much pressure on the concepts you have about how things should look creates an energetic war within you.

Accept life as it unfolds, you won’t always understand the reasons behind what’s happening. There are dynamic forces at work and everything is playing out for a reason. Trust in the Universe to give you what you need and to provide you with every tool necessary to recognize and attune to your essential Self.

Practice acceptance of all aspects in your life. Don’t let yourself enter a state of resistance and dissonance because this energy disconnects you from Source and from the knowledge and understanding that everything is playing out as it needs to for your personal evolution and that of the world around you.

Surrender to the Divine Within You

Become aware of the light within you. The awareness that you are Divine has the ability to shift your entire perspective. When you live from this place you no longer have to be in a state of constantly playing defense or offense. You can experience a depth of connection unlike any other and the things you judged before as ‘wrong’ and ‘not good enough’ fall to the wayside.

Allow life to bring you all that you desire. Resistance limits receiving. Allowing and accepting open you to receiving. The Universe wants you to thrive. It wants you to know your deepest connection, experience your deepest joy and abundance, and live a life of peace and fulfillment.

Lay down your internal resistance and you will begin to thrive toward dynamic enlightenment.

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