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How To Transform Stressfulness Into Soulfulness

Mindfulness 2.0

It’s no surprise in a world filled with busy work schedules, constant communication, and dependence on the Internet, we’re desperately searching for ways to slow down, be quiet, and connect to ourselves. We long to pay full attention to the little things instead of trying to keep up with modern life. We may not be able to articulate the exact word to describe it, but what we deeply desire is mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a state of wakefulness in which you are fully anchored in what you are doing. Today mindfulness is offered as a solution to stress or to calm your racing brain. But a state of mindfulness does much more than help you get through a business meeting without a panic attack. It allows you to connect with your soul. This more evolved version of mindfulness, or “Mindfulness 2.0,” allows you to tap into the hidden dimension of your core being. It is an entry point to soulfulness.

So often our minds are scattered and our attention is not centered on what we are doing. We don’t realize it, but being fully present and focused has the ability to create a neurobiological shift. Mindfulness literally means the utilization and engagement of the whole mind. When we are in that place, firing on all cylinders, we enter a zone of complete focus and awareness. Those who practice yoga can get to a place where feel they are in the zone. Actors and athletes get in the zone where they feel they are operating completely in the moment. But you don’t have to be LeBron James or Robert DeNiro to experience the zone. Every human being can live in that place of complete focus. When you live in absolute presence, there’s a greater power flowing through you. How do you get to such a transformative place? By the most profound and simple way there is – resting in the awareness of your breath. 

Mindfulness 2.0, in its complete expression, is a way for you to commune and live in conscious connection with your soul, allowing you the freedom to be exactly who you are. Mindfulness, yoga, pranayama, prayer, and meditation were all established so people could naturally experience their innate enlightenment and live in communion with it. When you live in state of mindfulness you tap into health, love, abundance, creativity and an evolutionary flow that allows your life to unfold with grace and ease.

Embracing all the joy, purpose, and passion in your heart allows you to shift your life and evolve your Soul Signature because you’re in harmony with yourself.

When that happens, you’re not only living mindfully, you’re living soulfully.