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I Accept

It’s Monday morning. There’s a big meeting at work, and you cannot be late. In a nervous rush, you skip breakfast, scramble to locate your keys, and head out only to find a dead car battery and torrential rain.

No matter what’s happening in your life, you can shift gears, expand your energy, and restore your flow. Be still, take a breath, and say ,“I accept.”

Two Words That Will Change Your Life

When you take the time for stillness amidst the chaos, you stop the momentum of a frenzied thought process. This precious pause allows you to stay anchored in the moment, transcend the world of “doing,” and consciously connect to your true self. When a situation arises, stop; take a breath, say the words, “I accept” and fill in what’s happening at the moment. Your conscious acknowledgment allows you to embrace the stillness and let the anxiety, anger, or frustration pass through you. Acceptance defuses turmoil in your moment of need. You take a moment to recognize your emotions, experience them, and let them pass – making room for spaciousness and clarity to deal with the issues at hand.

A Soulful Reality

Acceptance is the doorway to your optimal vibrational state: harmony and flow with everything that’s authentically unfolding. Your optimal state allows for efficiency. It’s difficult to flow with present challenges when you are weighed down by denial. The more you accept reality, the easier it is to meet and receive all of life with neutrality.  When you embrace acceptance fully, you're not accessing your life through the conscious or the unconscious. You're accessing it through your soul.

The Three-Minute Daily Healing Routine

Practicing acceptance is not limited to the speed bumps you encounter in life. It needs to become a healing daily routine. Make your objective completing at least three minutes of relaxation, stillness and acceptance every day. It can be over your morning coffee, on a walk to the grocery store, or in your office with the door closed. Performing this daily ritual will help you lessen self-scrutiny, honor your sacredness, and put you back on the road toward your peaceful, authentic self.