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Infuse the world with your love.

The more we are here everyday, the more I know how divinely orchestrated all of this really is. I may sound like a broken record because I am continually reinforcing certain messages that have not been heard or have not been allowed to land. 

I love you. I don’t just love the parts of you that you put on display. I love the parts that you have an aversion to or that you resist. My loving you, at some point, has to translate into your ability to cultivate an inclusive relationship with yourself. 

You have been falsely led to believe that there are certain aspects of you that are wrong or bad. And, as a result, you have invalidated yourself from receiving. When I wrote the book You Are Enough, I didn’t write it purely as a self-help book, I wrote it as a way for humanity to get itself out of every impending challenging scenario and situation that I knew we were about to face. 

Every system and structure in the world is based in scarcity, fear, and lack. Waking up to who we are, being able to receive the love that we share so freely, is so important now. At some point we need to be able to love ourselves, and not just the parts that we have been conditioned to believe are good, or aligned, or high vibrational, but, loving the totality of who we are. This is what sets us free. In the end, everything dissolves into love. 

I’ve been working with people from around the world, for over 21 years of my life, and I have seen a direct correlation between an individual’s ability to receive love and love themselves, and to the degree to which every area of their life actually works. Even our spiritual exploration, all these amazing experiences we are having, these transcendent mystical experiences, are nothing more than avenues through which we increase our ability to love others. 

The more you evolve into Oneness, the more you love inclusively. When you look at the final result, the final output of your meditation, your spiritual practice, your evolution, or just committing to be a loving, wonderful human being, the end output is the ability to infuse the world with your love, and the ability to allow the world to infuse you with it’s love. We, for some reason, struggle with the latter. 

I would like to support you in opening your hearts to receive all that you are. To receive the love that is always available to you. To be freed of anywhere within you where you feel like you’re not good enough, that you’re not deserving, where in some shape or form you have invalidated yourself from receiving that which you truly are – love. 

Being willing to rest in the awareness of your breath, to be still, to observe yourself without judgement is everything.