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Is Fear Making You Furious?

What's At The Source Of Your Anger

If you turn on certain television news outlets even for a minute, you will see someone that is angry.  They're mad about the government, they're angry because somebody wronged them, they're furious because they feel they're not being heard. In fact, if you venture outside your home (or even if you don't) chances are you'll run into someone emitting the energy of impatience, annoyance, sarcasm, frustration or irritability.

So, what's everyone so angry about?

While an ever-growing angry populace expresses their beef with the world, what their bellicose banter doesn't reveal is how frightened, helpless, and vulnerable they really feel.  The threat of vulnerability often produces a heightened sense of fear, which throws us into a contracted state of energy. In order to protect ourselves from feeling that fear we may lash out in ways big and small, leaving us seething with anger from low grade forms of resentment, agitation, and frustration to full blown rage. Outbursts make us feel like we are in control of the situation by directing our energy outward giving us something or someone to attack.

Anger is our defense against the perceived enemy -­ a coworker, a spouse, politicians, or even God – but anger is not the actual problem.  That anger is born of fear.

Concentrating our thoughts on anger is like treating a virus with aspirin. It may give us temporary relief but it does nothing to address the more infectious reason we lose our cool in the first place. When we address our underlying fearful energy and how it manifests itself in our daily lives, we can then navigate the consequential anger from a place of awareness, acceptance, and calm.

How to Navigate Anger

When you feel yourself in the grips of anger­ from a minor annoyance all the way to blood boiling fury – stop, breathe, and take a moment. Think about what you're really upset about.  Do you feel disrespected? Is your job on the line?  Are you jealous or feeling that something you value may be taken away from you? As you take that moment to identify the feelings, you will begin to feel the energy of anger subside allowing you to deal honestly with the fear and the emotions around it.

Accepting and understanding that our fear is a normal part of life helps us navigate it, feel it, then release it,­ diffusing the accompanying anger, returning our life to a peaceful state of flow, and putting television newsroom nonsense on mute.

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