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Free Online Presentation - Darshan Session - Gift of Grace - Panache Desai

January Darshan Session – A Gift of Grace

Free Online Presentation - Darshan Session - Gift of Grace - Panache Desai

Join me for an all new darshan session where I share divine energy with the intention of establishing you in oneness and expanding your experience of fulfillment, peace and love each month.

Darshan means “to see” or “to reveal.” What is seen and revealed? Your divinity, your oneness, your essential Self. In darshan, I share a state of oneness – the highest vibrational frequency and the most powerful force for transformation.

These sessions are offered as a blessing, without charge or requirements of any kind.

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January 8, 2018 – LIVE DARSHAN SESSION

Happy New Year my beloved friends and welcome to 2018. I am honored that you are here. I’m honored that you’ve chosen to begin your new year on a platform of greater possibility of synchronicity and of receiving.

This year is going to be your greatest year ever because you’ve discovered a secret to how to fundamentally overhaul your entire reality so drastically that it begins to transform into a way of aligning with the power of your heart. Vibrational Transformation has empowered individuals like you from all over the world in living their best life in accessing breakthroughs in abundance, health, peace and love in ways that are unprecedented. You are here because there is something deep within you that knows that more is available and you are now being gently prodded to move in that expansive direction so that you can align with the evolutionary impulse that is moving all of life along into its magnificence.

This month it’s important that you be supported in increasing your receptivity. I’ve discovered over and over again that there’s only one inherent limitation in all human beings and that is in their ability to receive or inability to receive. You see the more you have overcome your unworthiness, your doubt, your insecurity and your fears, the more you are then supported in opening up to the greater possibilities that await you and this is really the precursor of all transformation, is this opening, is this shift out of fear into love. We are vibrational beings and we live in a reality that is in any moment faithfully mirroring back to us our own state of being. Make no mistake that you are more empowered than you even know and it’s important now to allow this power that dwells within you, a power that resides at the level of your authentic self or your soul to begin to inform every area of life and living and I know that many of you have had incredibly challenging journeys and that right now you may be struggling or going through unimaginable circumstances and I want you to know that as long as I’m here and in a body and breathing that you are not alone, that regardless of whether you’re making your way through a crisis or whether you’re on the verge of having a dynamic year of receiving more abundance and more love than you’ve ever imagined, that every single step of the way it has been my honor to support individuals like you in accessing these greater breakthroughs.

You see I never at any point in my life gave up believing in the greater potential that lives within me and little by little through the course of my life even though life experiences and our conditioning and our circumstances can sometimes erode that belief away, little by little I began to encounter people who would remind me of the truth that existed at the core of my being and this remembrance began to prompt a shift from validating who I was externally to beginning to source who I was from within. You see when we begin to live our life from the inside out; we begin to live a life that is empowered. As long as we’re constantly looking to other people, for validation for love for support for acknowledgement and for all of the things that we so crave the best that we can do is engage in a co-dependent form of empowerment which ultimately leads to suffering and leads to victimhood because people on the level of their humanity will disappoint you. That’s why it’s important that you go directly to the source. That you go directly to God. That you go directly to light. That you go directly to love or whatever name you wish to use. That there is an infinite potential of energy, of expansion and of increase that is always at our disposal and that when we begin to turn to God or turn to that infinite mystery we can then begin to facilitate the accelerated evolution of our own consciousness, of our vibration and frequency and then in turn of the conscious of the manifestation of our state of consciousness in reality. Simply stated if you want to be more prosperous in 2018 then you must change your energy in order to change your life. If you want love and intimacy, then you must change your energy to change your life. If you want to experience greater levels of health, vitality and youthfulness then you must change your energy in order to change your life and if you, the wisest of you want to live a life in which the enlightenment that you are is fully demonstrated through your form, you must change your energy in order to change your life.

We must evolve beyond all of the mental cognitive frameworks and constructs that we’ve been given that serve as prisons or limiting factors that serve to dampen down the possibilities and the magnificence that awaits us. Simply stated, you must have the courage to move out of your mind into your heart. Your heart is the most intelligent organ in your body and when you live a life that is aligned with your heart, all of a sudden you begin to experience increase and your life begins to transform. The biggest obstacle or roadblock to this way of living is fear and fear is the energy that keeps you trapped in the mind. Vibrational Transformation has served as a bridge for individuals out of crisis into calm, out of lack and scarcity into abundance, out of sickness and disease into health and most importantly of all out of chaos and co-dependency into empowerment and eternal peace.

When I experienced God, I experienced God as an infinite ocean of energy with no beginning and no end. This energy loves every single person on this planet and I was shown very clearly that every religion and every spiritual path is talking about the same infinite magnificence using different words, that we’re all a part of this infinite magnificence, this infinite mystery and that the more we begin to begin our inner journey, the more we can begin to connect with it consciously and the more we can then begin to influence outcomes in our lives from this state of connection. Simply stated, we move out of pushing and making things happen into pulling and allowing life to unfold in its perfection. It’s in this way that we begin to demonstrate wisdom because wisdom in its most profound form is born on the level of the soul.

So I want to empower you in the time that we have today to shift your energy to begin to shift your frequency and for you to begin to understand that it is your vibration in any moment that is creating the outcomes that you are experiencing in life. That everyone is responding to your level of receiving. That life is responding to your level of receiving and that when you actually begin to expand beyond your unworthiness, your lack of self-belief, your lack of self-worth, your lack of self-confidence, when you start to expand beyond these states, these inauthentic states of suffering, you can begin to align with freedom and liberation and expansion in its purest form and so as much as we’re here and engaging in this exploration of what it means to fully embody our enlightenment, to fully embody our potential and to fully embody all that we’ve come here to express and share, I want you to know that we are engaged already in an energetic communion that this gift that flows through me has been flowing through me my whole life and that it has nothing to do with who I am on the level of my personality. As human beings we are all fallible. God is the only infallible thing in life and it is for this reason that when we begin to turn our hearts and minds and bodies toward this love that naturally all of those parts of us that we once believed to be imperfections begin to become blessings, that we find that in our uniqueness there is something wonderful available to us we find in our humanity in all of the parts of us that we once found were annoying or challenging that there’s something greater available to us and it’s in this way then through the ending of our resistance to each moment, to each thought, to each feeling and to everything that’s happening around us that we begin to access oneness and the all-inclusive state of being, the secret for life being lived in its fullness in every moment is embodying oneness through the acceptance of all that is as it is.

More has happened in my life as a result of my willingness to surrender to God and to surrender every outcome that life is bringing to me and for me through the conscious recognition that I am on a journey and that this journey is one that is leading my soul to its freedom. The journey of life is leading me to more love, to more expansion and to more receiving than I could ever imagine and that every single thing that’s happening is serving a purpose in that unfolding whether I can understand it or not. The more I’ve been able to simply come back to peace, come back to the peace that lives at the core of my being the more every aspect of my life is taken off and taken care of itself. It is for this reason that this year I don’t want you to set goals, to have outcomes in mind or to create false expectations that you won’t be able to live up to. I want you to set one heart centered practice and one heart centered practice alone for you for this entire year and that is to come back to peace through coming these Darshans, through joining me in Soul Support which is a monthly program where you receive an hour video and 4 meditations that allow you to connect consistently to the energy, through the Optimal Acceleration program, through in-person events, through whatever medium you have access to. Everything that is an extension of who I am carries the seed of peace within it and the more you come back and the more you allow yourself to be exposed to this place of possibility, the more your life begins to shift. The more you begin to practice the 3 fundamentals of Vibrational Transformation, commitment, consistency and repetition, so this year instead of setting lofty goals or having outcomes in mind that would merely serve to bolster the created self how about we start to practice surrender consciously in every moment and recognize the success really in its most sustainable form has to be built on a platform of peace. That if success materially or in any other way is coming at the cost of your peace and connection then it’s not worth having because you are violating your own inner harmony in order to have things that quite honestly don’t bring you happiness in the first place.

And so, this year turn your attention within. Pay attention to how you’re feeling. Observe your thoughts. Pay attention to what’s going on inside of you in relationship to what’s happening outside of you and the more you do this, the more you’ll begin to cultivate a spaciousness within you, the more you’ll be able to cultivate a sense of love within you, the more you’ll begin to experience the freedom that resides deep within your being.

I’ve met individuals from all over the world who exist on all levels of the social spectrum, educated, non-educated, every gender, every race, every religion and in every single instance when they come into contact with this vibration, their life begins to take off. It’s exactly the moment where grace intersects your life, the possibility presents itself. Darshan literally means to be in the presence of and it’s not being in the presence of another human being, its being in the presence of the truth that lives within us all, that’s what it means to be in Satsang, that’s what it means to keep the company of the truth. To look to God, to look to this infinite space of love that is God for everything, to begin to surrender our life to this principle and most importantly of all reestablish our trust in life recognizing that life is on our side, that life is happening for us in every moment and it’s happening for us to facilitate our accelerated evolution into love.

So this year’s going to be a dynamic year and I invite you to join me for every Darshan session, to participate in a deeper way in Soul Support or in the Optimal Acceleration program or even in Transformational Mentoring, to stay connected in whatever way you can through the podcasts, through YouTube, through whatever medium you have access to in whatever part of the world you’re from. I’ve created it so that you can access the energy where you are so that you can begin to receive, so that you can begin to be supported and so that you can access the gift of presence because that gift is the gift that keeps on giving.

Close your eyes my beloved friends and open your palms. I want to focus on supporting you in the expansion of your receiving, that this infinite energy that is the Divine loves you, loves you more than I could ever articulate in words, for this energy loves you completely and totally as you are right now and I’m going to simply ask this infinite presence of love to embrace you, to support you in embracing yourself as you are in this moment, that regardless of what you’ve done and how you’ve lived and the choices that you’ve made, you are loved for who you are. You’re loved because at your core that is all that there is, love and that when people act out of pain or act unconsciously; they are doing so because they’ve moved away from their essential nature or their authentic self. It’s time to come home, to come back to your heart and to come back to the love that awaits you there. It’s time to know that it’s safe to live in this way and that in being who you are completely and totally you’ll begin to experience the greater side-effects that everyone is so diligently trying to force into being. The side-effect of your committing to your authentic expression is that you get to live the life of your dreams and you get to have experiences that you can’t even begin to imagine right now, that no vision board could ever do justice to.

You see you begin to float, you begin to gradually and gracefully move through life and instead of being encumbered by stress and struggle and strife, you begin to gradually soar toward love, toward abundance, toward health and toward connection. Just simply rest in the awareness of your breath, just observing each inhalation and exhalation, allow your entire physical body to relax as we just humbly ask that any and all limitations or blocks or impediments that we have to simply just receiving love that they be dissolved now, that any and all walls that we’ve created around our hearts, that we be supported in dissolving those walls, that we’re not here to live a life in which our heart is guarded, we’re here to live a life in which the light of our heart is fully exposed or we have a level of trust and where we have a foundation of self-belief and confidence to know that we are safe to love and that most importantly of all we are worthy of being loved in return.

Just continue to breathe and relax and allow yourself to just feel the energy in your heart. Just relax completely and allow for the removal of any sadness or anger or fear that keeps you from receiving, any guilt or shame. I’m going to ask that your heart and the heart of the Divine merge and that you be supported in receiving love infinitely, that you recognize that love in its infinite form exists within you and that from this moment forth it will be mirrored back to you through all of creation. The more you love yourself, the more everything in your reality loves you back. That works. And the more you abide in this love the more every area of your life takes off. This is how great artists transform the world. This is how great musicians transform the world. This is how innovators and entrepreneurs transform the world. This is how spiritual teachers transform the world and this is how you will transform your world. Just continue to breathe and relax and just continue to allow yourself to be elevated beyond your existing circumstance, beyond any and all existing problems or issues or challenges. Allow yourself to be supported in fully receiving love, fully receiving love. Just continue to breathe and relax and just continue to allow yourself to be loved infinitely because you are, you always have been and you always will be and there’s nothing that you can do to change that nor is there anything that you need to do to have it. It just already exists within you because it always has.

Just continue to observe the breath and continue to feel whatever’s happening in your body. Some of you may be shaking, it’s okay. Some of you may be present to tears, its okay. Some of you may be experiencing repressed or suppressed anger or rage and that’s okay. I’m going to ask that the love that you’re experiencing now also be extended down the timeline of your life so from this moment all the way back, all the way back through every moment because when love is fully realized in the now, it is realized throughout all eternity and that’s the power of what we’re doing here. That’s the power of this gift and it has absolutely nothing to do with me. This gift that I simply get to witness and observe which is the greatest blessing of all fully receiving, fully allowing, fully worthy enough in who you are, nothing to prove, nowhere to get to, nobody to become, resting in the totality of who you are now knowing that it is enough, that it’s always been enough and that even though people in your life may not have been able to embrace you God has never abandoned you. God is always with you.

I’m just going to sweep out your heart and sweep your energy clean. I think there’s now about 520 something plus thousand people on this Facebook page and in this community so just repeat after me. I’m open to receiving the love of all 523,000 members of this community. I’m open to receiving the love of all of humanity and I am open to receiving the love of all of creation. I am open to being fully and completely loved by God as I am now. I am open to being fully and completely loved by God as I am now. I am open to being fully and completely loved by God as I am now. Good. Take some breaths and gently and slowly you can bring your awareness back.

Please take a moment to post your comments and experiences below. I love connecting with you through technology. I love the fact that we have a global community that literally spans the globe that basically creates a web of love around our planet, a web of love that we can all agree that regardless of what religion or nationality that we’re from it is much needed at this time. If anything in our time together has touched your heart then I invite you to go deeper. It’s not too late to register for this month’s Soul Support and until the month of, until the end of January it’s also not too late to sign up for the Optimal Acceleration program and in the event that you would like to explore Transformational Mentoring, you can email to be added to the waiting list.

This year is a year of empowerment unlike any other. It’s a year in which you’re going to discovery your radical inner radiance and allow it to be expressed for all of the world to see. I want to thank you with all of my heart for being a part of this incredible community and for sharing your love on a daily basis on this page, through your comments, through your support of one another and most importantly of all through the loving way in which you let everyone else know that they are not alone in what they are going through. It deeply inspires me to see the way in which you show up for one another and I invite you to do so every single day because everything that’s been created has been created for you, for each and every single one of you. You are all a stake holder and a co-creator and participant in the overall transformation of this entire planet and you and your beautiful heart are welcome here and embraced fully. I am grateful that you are a part of this community. I’m grateful for your prayers, for your blessings and for your support. I look forward to our continued journey throughout this magnificent year of 2018 and I hope and trust in some way that our time together has opened the door for you to move into a greater level of love, self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-belief and self-mastery. Here’s to the complete realization of the infinite expansive energy that lives at your core. I love you with all of my heart and I thank you for loving me. Until the next time, be well!

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