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Soul Support January 2018 - Thrive - Panache Desai

January Soul Support 2018 – Thrive

Online Program
January Soul Support – 2018
Begins January 1, 2018

There is a real possibility of transforming lack and limitation into a life where, in every respect, you thrive. To thrive is not limited to more money or more things. It is about the fullness of life manifesting through you. It is the fullness of relative, material life and the fullness of the absolute, spiritual aspects of life, becoming your reality. To thrive is to live 200% of life.

January Soul Support Programming:

  • One New 60-Minute Webcast: Thrive
  • Four 20-Minute Audio Recording Meditations
    1. I am fully my humanity and divinity
    2. I accept all aspects of my humanity
    3. I am divinity expressing in the world
    4. I thrive in the fullness of life
  • Deepening Vibrational Support Tool
  • Inspirational Mantra and Visual
  • Live 30-Minute Online Group Transcendence Session with Panache

Soul Support is an immersion in Divine grace that empowers you to break free of your struggles and suffering while experiencing the power of Vibrational Transformation to move into greater levels of thriving. Panache offers new online programs and materials each month so that you may access the support you need when it is most convenient for you.

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