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Being-ness - Panache Desai's July Soul Support

July Soul Support – 2017

Online Program
July Soul Support – 2017
Begins July 1, 2017

Live in the natural state of presence. Be the witness, and experience the peace and realization of beingness.

What does it mean to be the witness? The witness doesn’t judge. The witness captures pure awareness and does nothing with it but shine a light. There’s no action, strife or resistance because the witness is pure presence. This is the essence of embodying the idea of beingness.

This isn’t a word you hear often in society, because like a precious gem, pure beingness is rare. It is an essence, not a visible finite solid thing but an energy, a nature of truth that is impossible to capture with words alone.

Simply imagine for a moment that you could witness the world around you without your stories imposing their judgment onto your reality. Imagine total freedom, complete awareness, presence and overwhelming love—this is the state of beingness.

As you journey along the path of vibrational transformation, you will experience glimpses of this state. Deepen your ability to access beingness through consciously cultivating your divine connection. This month’s Soul Support is a deep exploration that will empower you to welcome the state of beingness to unfold in profound ways.

July Soul Support will empower you to:

  • Experience the crystalline beauty of pure beingness…
  • Release the urge to judge and resist the world around you…
  • Broaden your awareness and deepen your ability to access pure presence…

Sink into the experience of your true nature – of perfect peace – tranquil acceptance and pure awareness. Join me for Beingness and deepen your connection to the core of your divinity.

July Soul Support Programming:

  • One New 60-Minute Webcast: The Portal to Pure Beingness
  • Four 20-Minute Audio Recording Meditations
    1. How to Resign From Resistance
    2. The Pathway to Presence
    3. Being vs. Existing
    4. Reside in the Pure Joy of Being
  • Deepening Vibrational Support Tool
  • Inspirational Mantra and Visual
  • Live 30-Minute Online Group Transcendence Session with Panache