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Lessons from Frogs: Embodying Your “La Dee Da Dee Da”

Hidden in my daughters’ favorite nursery rhyme is actually a beautiful lesson.

“Der glumpf” went the little green frog one day; “Der glumpf” went the little green frog.

“Der glumpf” went the little green frog one day, and the frog went, “glumpf, glumpf, glumpf.”

But we all know frogs go, “La dee da dee da! La dee da dee da! La dee da dee da!”

We all know frogs go, “La dee da dee da!” They don’t go, “glumpf, glumpf, glumpf.”

I love this simple little song because it’s not just a catchy tune about a frog in a pond. It’s a powerful reflection on how we view life.

Your human perceptions inform your world and experience. What governs that perception is the degree to which you’ve integrated your emotions. If you fully integrate your emotional experience and let it flow through you, then everything is “la dee da dee da.” If you fail to integrate your pain, sorrow, and anger and allow it to color your life, you will continue to lug around the enervating energy of “glumpf, glumpf, glumpf.”

It’s occurred to me that maybe nothing is as it seems. Perhaps everything that’s being presented is nothing more than human projection, and the truth is drastically different. What if everything is “la de da de da?” If that’s the case, the frog only went “glumpf” because someone told him he should.

Two individuals can look at the same object and see two entirely different things. It’s all interpreted through the lens of their perception.  However, if you don’t know who you truly are, the lens of another’s experience can end up coloring yours.

Life isn’t about being harmonious with other people. It’s about being harmonious with yourself. Indeed we all know frogs go “la dee da dee da,” so it’s time to stop showing up as something other than who you really are. Have the courage to be yourself; fully anchored in your own authentic expression, whether others appreciate it or not. When you free yourself from the weight of human perfection, you remember the divine truth – that you are perfect, a magnificent embodiment of pure “la dee da dee da.”